[table] Year, Type, Amount, Information
2010, Grant, $648.00, Chamber of Commerce Event Grant and envelope printing for Alumni Association.
2010, Gift, “$1,220.00”, CLHS Class 1956-1967 – Julie Traub Memorial Park Bench Fundraiser – excess funds to the Alumni Scholarship Endowment in her name.
2010, Gift, “$1,400.00”, Dr. Randy Brenton Family to Alumni Scholarship Endowment Fund.
2010, Gift, “$20,000.00”, Masonic Lodge of Clear Lake to the Alumni Scholarship Endowment Fund.
2009, Gift, $600.00, Julie Traub Website Class Reunion – donation to Alumni Association for project development expenses.
2009, Gift, $400.00, At the Julie Traub website reunion – individual donations to Alumni Scholarship Endowment in her name.
2007, Gift, “$1,300.00”, CLHS 1957 Class for an expense fund to: 1. Start a CLHS Alumni Association 2. Create Alumni Scholarship Endowment (ASE) 3. Create website & email system 4. Create class reunion assistance / information
2006, Gift, “$1,500.00”, TeamQuest of Clear Lake for Dell computer and software.
2006, Gift, $647.00, Foundation Trustees personal funding for remaining costs of the Dell computer and software.