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Girl Scout Troop (undated)
Front Row: Carol Jordan, Mary Jane Miller, Jackie Baugus,(sp.?) Rosemary Christensen, Phyllis Bishop.
2nd Row: Linda Helm, Myrna Barnes, Diane Duesenberg, Sharon Stuart, Judy Lerdal.
Back Row: Sue Bower, Janice Winterstein, Mary Lou Miller, Patty McGowan.
(Submitted by- Diane Duesenberg Long CLHS 1956)

I was in 7th grade in 55-56 and in 8th 56-57.  I don't know if you remember or not but for some reason our scout leader quit.  There were just us 5 girls in the picture that were working for our curved bar.  Remember that was the highest you could go in girl scouts at the time.  I was so upset that we had no leader that I told my mom about it and she became our leader in order for all of us to get our curved bar.  She only stepped in so that we could finish our scouting experience.
Marilyn Merwin Jackson CLHS 1960
Girl Scout Curved Bar Award  1956
Julie Hayden, Marilyn Merwin, Kem Crouse (Class of 59), Genie Pilz and Pat Burr
(Thank you for your help on this picture Ann Minkner Millard)

OFF ON CAMPING TRIP-  Clear Lake Girl Scouts of Troops 6-A and 6-B are camping at Pilot Knob with their leaders, Mrs. John H. Buhr, 512 S. 12th St and Mrs Elwood Pilz, 312 1/2 Main Avenue.  With the truck, loaned by Sam Kennedy and Sons, all ready to go, (left to right) are Linda Hintzman, Donna Wiers, Sharon Collins, Traudi Beckmann and Naila Clough;  Second row: Julie Hayden, Sandra Clark, Marilyn Merwin, Janice McCray and Mrs. Buhr; back row:  Mrs. Pilz (in cab), Mary Guthrie, Gene Pilz, Julie Erznoznik, Janet Castle and Patricia Buhr.  Drivers who took cars were Mmes. Teorge Heetland, Arthur Petersen, Sidney Brownstone, Robert Hayden and Hermann Erznoznik.  Karen and Mavis Fisher are senior counselors.  Peter Miller drove the truck. 
August 1954

Thanks go to Genie Pilz Hanson for this picture and article!!

The following is my remembrance of the camping experience to Pilot Knob.  I remember this camping experience very well.  This was the first and only overnight camping experience that I had with girl scouts.  Remember the tents? They weren't the ones we have now with the floor in them and being totally enclosed.  They were the tents where the bugs and other little critters could crawl under and get in to where you were sleeping. I hated that part.  I really don't remember who went on that camping experience but I do remember the long walk to the outdoor toilet,  "no showers", and the ghost stories.  I also remember our night hike up to the knob.  We went along dead man's lake and were all worried about slipping and falling in and never to be seen again.  We all climbed up the knob and on the way down the knob, for some reason I was first down and Mrs. Buhr jumped out at me and scared me to death.  I screamed so loud that I think I scared her and the other girls behind me.  I was just sure something was going to get me that night.  However, it was a great experience and I loved all the cooking out and working on our badges.  It was so much fun.  Submitted by Marilyn Merwin Jackson (CLHS 1960). 

This is a picture of me when I got my new Cub Scout uniform.  The little guy on this picture looks very serious.  Ron Gerdes CLHS 1956  
Front L-R    Linda Collen, Terri Slocum, Deanna Bell, Suzanne Stuart.
Back L-R   (unknown), Susan Miller, Dianne Beuhler, Kay Lekwa,
Nancy Peterson, Betsy Beadle, Sherri Slocum, Judy Fatland, Susan Buck, Mary Miles.

Thanks to Linda Collen Tapps and Lauren Tapps CLHS 1964 for this picture!

This is Boy Scout Troop 17. If I remember right, Tom Nelson was the Scoutmaster. We used to meet at the old Central School basement. We had a great time camping up on the Winnebago River by Fertile.  I remember once someone, Denny Burris, I think, fell or was pushed into the river. He hung his pants out on a tree limb overnight, and the next morning when he went to put them on, they were frozen!!!  We used to go "snipe hunting" --- anybody that remembers that ought to get a laugh.  (Thanks Lauren Tapps, for this neat picture!)

Brownies Roundup-  Fall 1951
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Thank you Sandy Harrell Hargens!
Here are some words from Sandy.
29 June, 2009
You will not remember me unless you attended Lincoln Elem. and maybe, not then!  I moved to Omaha following fifth grade. 
But, oh how I remember fondly the clear Lake days.  Sandra Clark and I were inseparable, the Sat. matinees with Lee Larson and Bill McGowan, toboggan parties and so many good friends.  Trust me, life was not the same in the big city.  I hear from Marilyn Merwin Jackson every Christmas and had the pleasure of a summer '08 visit from Genie and Bob Hanson at our Oregon beach home.  After moving to Des Moines, I was able to watch Richard Ashland run at the Drake Relays.
My husband and I live in Urbandale, not far from the McGowan's - when we're not on the Oregon coast.  I am attaching a couple of photos from the "old days"..
Sandy Harrell Hargens   ddhargens@msn.com

Front  L-R
  Steve Shultz, Jerry Wolf, Leon McIlrath, Ron Nelson, Dennis Burris, Dave Goranson, Dave (?) Klang, Alan Hughes, Bill Elting, Mike Nelson, Dave Kofoed, Lauren Tapps, Gary Price.
2nd row L-R 
  Tom Benda, Steve Kiefer, Bill Lysne, Mike Grandon, Jim Van Loan, Tom Nelson.
3rd row L-R
  Don Klang, Louis Kofoed, Robert Kiefer, Bud Hughes, Mr. Benda, Mr. Van Loan, Bill Price, "Dutch" Shultz.

Back Row  L - R
Jim Knapp, Bob Hansen, Justin Hughes, Joe Roseland, Darrel Morehouse Duke Hughes, Bob Burns

Front Row L - R
Jon Gilmore, Jack Stunkard, Rex Miner, not sure, Dick Weaver, Tom Petersen,
Thanks to Jim Knapp, CLHS 1958, for this great picture!

CLHS 1967

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May of 1963. 

The year we received our curved bars was the last year they awarded that rank.  I'm not sure why.