'Ridiculous Day'???? in Clear Lake
This picture of Clear Lake on 'Ridiculous Day' was sent in by Bob and Mavis Whelan.  If you have any idea what year it was or if you know anything about the event, please share your information with us!  It looks like the whole town was in this picture!!  haha
Thanks to you all for your comments and name suggestions!!  Go Lions!
Well, since the Lake Cafe is pictured, but more so Rexall Drug, I would guess it has to be in the 60's.  Can't remember when the Rexall Drug burned, but believe Dale Sargeant (Class of 57) was working there or running it when it did.  Ed (Buttleman) (CLHS1957)

Ah, yes... those were the good ol' days... not one person carrying a video or digital camera.  Dave Wistey (CLHS 1959)

I am not sure I can be of any help on this.  Ridiculous Day usually had items out on the street or at least on the sidewalks in front of the stores.  When did Rexall Drug close its doors--should be easy to find out.  I don't remember a stationery store next to it, but like I said I am probably the last one who would know.  Anyway it seems like way too many people for Ridiculous Day--more like the Fourth of July.
Mary Marshall  (Gary Marshall- CLHS 1959)

"Additional comment to Dave Wistey - nor is anyone seen with a cell phone to their ear and yapping away!  The way the photo is, it doesn't look like there would be room for racks or tables - I'm not sure either."
Glenys Merwin Schloemer   (CLHS 1963)

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Thanks to you all for sending in your comments on this picture!
That's the Clear Lake spirit that I remember!!!
Go Lions!!
The fellow in the black shirt with the crew hair cut....towards the right/middle of the picture looks like Dennis.  What do you 56'ers think?  I don't recognize anyone else, but everyone seems to be very dressed up for a "ridiculous day".  I'm sure that someone out of this group will remember this event....and maybe recognize other faces.
Thanks.   Dee Mosher (Honorary member of CLHS 1956)

On the far right side of the page, I think that is Edna Ann (Anne) Pushor and Bill Burke.  I don't know if they were married then or not.  I think I see Fritz Opel on the left front.  I think that it Les Falk at the front of the right side.  It looks like Joe Miles in the middle right.  I don't know exactly when it was, but it had to be the early 60's.  I don't know what was happening, either, because I was probably away at school. 
Dana (Duesenberg) Martin  1959

  It's baffling at best to see such a crowd in the middle of the street.  My recollection of 'Ridiculous Days' was more along the line mentioned before of sales and crowds on the sidewalk rather than in the middle of the street.  A few folks that look familiar to me would be Les Falk on the right side facing full front and to his right it looks like Bill Beedle with his head turned.  In the middle toward the back the big fella looks like  Jerry Joe "Tiny"  VanLoan. The gal behind Les Falk that looks like she might have a scarf on her head looks like Floy Baumgartner.  Behind her the two smaller boys look like Leonard Olsen and Gary Lamping. At the ages they appear it would date the photo closer to the mid 50's.  Floy graduated in '55 and Les in '58 and they both look pretty young in this photo.
  Love the photos.
  Nancy Noll Elliott  CLHS 1957

I don't believe it was Ridiculous Day, either, as Mary Marshall mentioned.  Not only were there big sidewalk sales on that day, but everyone wore silly hats and funny clothes.  I don't think it was a 4th of July, either, because by then, I would have been wearing shorts.  I'm in the middle of the picture...short dark hair, glasses, short sleeved white shirt and light slacks...left knee lifted as I'm turned talking to the girl on my left.  I wish I could remember her name (Maxine Bell?) but I was always amazed because she ironed her hair to make it so straight.

So I can help date the picture but I'm not sure of the event, either. I left Clear Lake right after my dad died in December of 1960, so the picture is no older than 1960.  My guess would be 1959 because of the glasses I'm wearing.  Perhaps the picture was taken on one of the Pancake Days put on by the Jaycees and the Lions.  They used to put on a big feed in the City Park.  It was during the week and the teachers always let us have a long lunch hour to go because most of us school kids walked from the old high school to the Park.  I don't remember going for Pancake Day after we moved to the new high school.  I just don't remember that many people at once going for pancakes, however.

That's all I can add for now!
Naila (Clough) Erwin  CLHS Class of 1960

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Isn't that Myrna Reynolds front center?  Barbara Moninger May  (CLHS 1959)

I recognized Les Falk who graduated in 1958. He is right next to the tall, thin guy toward the right in the pic.   Jack MacDonald   CLHS 1957

I studied the CLR 'Mystery" pic. for some time and came up with one positive ID - the tall lad with glasses in the center is John Bardsley (class of 1961). Why I should recognize him is beyond me, I just remembered the face and matched it up with his picture in the 1960 yearbook. The time frame is most likely early 1960s.
Another possible match is the crew cut, black shirted individual at rightcenter - this is possibly Richard Stricker (class of 1963). As to the occasion, I would guess this to be a 4th of July celebration.
Lyndon Christ (CLHS 1962)

Is the guy in open area at bottom right ...   Les Falk ?    and then next to the guy with glasses and sweater .. to his right.. facing the camera... is that Galen Pitkin ?   just trying to figure out some of them....  is there a car 'somehow' parked in front of Don Madson's Lake Gift Shop ?
Whelans.... (CLHS 1960 and 1963)

I'll bet Governor's Day is the correct call for the picture.  I believe the man in the foreground with the camera and dark glasses is Jim or John Bardsley. 
Naila Clough Erwin  CLHS 1960

I'm including a copy of the mystery pic. with indications as to those identified.
From left to right, the circled personnel are John Bardsley, Richard Stricker and Les Falk. (Thank you Lyndon Crist for these names and this picture.)

   I thought the photo was from Governor's Days or the Miss Iowa Pageant taken after a parade.Everyone was in warm weather dress-up clothes. Notice that all of the kids that I can ID were from Central. Why no one from Lincoln School?  Because they were in uniform in the parade marching in the Lincoln School Drum and Bugle Corps (the brew which gave rise to many music careers.  I exempt myself, of course.)  But, it's just a guess and probably not a very good one.  The absence of flags on street light poles tells me that it wasn't the annual Memorial Day parade.
Anyone got any other thoughts? Don Stebbins (CLHS 1959)