If you have any pictures or memories of any good 'eatin places' in town,
please send them in to be posted immediately! 
(Sent in by Larry Andersen)
Restaurants and Other Eating Places from the 40s, 50s and 60s.
I know this place was also called Peterson's back in the late 50s.

If you have memories of the
Silver Boot Drive-Inn
on South Shore Drive,
please send them in to share with us all.
The Barrel Drive Inn on Hgwy 18
­Thanks Charlie Zirbel for the above recent picture
and Lyndon Crist for the additional information!
Randy's Restaurant
(ca. late 40s) located on a North Shore Drive corner site directly across from the former Witke's Gift Shop and due west of North Shore Standard Station.
(Lyndon Crist 1962)
Opening date - probably 1958 or 59. The most distinctive feature was the elevated broadcast booth from which KRIB Radio operated a live remote hookup

Half Moon