The fire was April 4, 1975 
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Please send in your happy memories of days spent here.
Locker trouble, favorite teachers, study hall, favorite subjects,
Choir and band memories.
(even though they both have their seperate pages, we can add memories here too.)
The building was obviously being used as the Junior High at that point.  I remember the class of 1960 was the first to graduate from the new school so we were also the last High School class to walk the halls of this school before it became the Junior High.
Clear Lake High School of the late 1940s- 1950s
It is not my intention for us to remember our school like this but rather to hold tight to the good times we shared while we were students there.  We can do that through sharing our memories and any pictures we might have.  Please feel free to send your memories of the wonderful times you experienced during the years you attended this school.
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