Musical Groups From Clear Lake in the 50s.
Left to right- Dick Wood, Ron Wood, Darwin Lyons, Gates Gardner,
Ralph Winkle, Dave Traub and Dick Atkins.

As quoted from the 1957 Annual....
"Often after school this year if someone stopped in the halls and listened he would hear the beat and the rhythm of rock'n roll music.  If he sought the source of the music he would soon reach the door of the auditorium.  Upon opening the door he would behold the newest addition to the Clear Lake High School Music Department, "The Rockets".

This group consists of Darwin Lyons, saxophone and manager, Dick Atkins and Ron Wood, guitar and vocalists; Dick Wood, bass guitar; Dave Traub, piano; Ralph Winkle, bass fiddle; and Gates Gardner, drums. 

These boys got together last summer just to play together; soon the get-togethers became regular practice sessions; and finally they began to play publicly.  Their style of music has progressed from strict rock'n'roll to calypso and progressive jazz.  At first their appearances were limited to brief dance intermissions or television appearances of which they made many; however, this spring they have played for complete dances and several high school proms."
Remember the grey choir/band jackets with red trim?
(Lyndon Crist (1962) sent in the picture above and the following words.)
He also sent in the picture of the patch worn on the Choir jackets.

They came into use during the 1954/55 school year and were an impressive visual statement that those so attired were members of two elite groups. 
"Band & Choir Sport New Jackets' (from Clear Lake Mirror Reporter - fall 1954)

Clear Lake High School students being seen around town these days in grey
jackets with red trim are recognizable as members of the high school band and choir. Choir members above modeling their jackets are Matt Bell, Sue Merriman, Bob Mead, Sandra Merriman, Dick Atkins, Joan Kuecker and Margaret Monaghen.

Members of the band and choir purchased the jackets especially for out-of-town events. The idea was conceived after the appearance here of the Bismarck, North Dakota Choir, whose members all wore the same type of jacket.

Each student pays a portion of the cost of the jacket, and proceeds from the sale of birthday calendars will pay for the balance. Jackets are fingertip length with bright red knitted collar, cuffs and pocket trim."

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Thanks to Lyndon Crist for
the picture of the patch.