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'Musical Memories of A Clear Lake Classmate'
"Although I risk being labeled by my contemporaries as dwelling in the past (or unable to remember anything of the present) I spent some time. as I usually do on my birthdays, looking back over the years and looking ahead to the future.
I swear that sometimes my mind is like a carousel projector with the slides automatically changing all the times.  With the passing of June, my projector flashed on the Mason City Band Festival which was held every June.  I wonder if they still have it?
Anyway, for whatever reason, I happened to think of one Festival, near the time of the City honoring Meredith Wilson, that the Band Mothers and Lud Wangberg no doubt, came up with the idea of dressing us in white peddle-pushers, black and white striped shirts and I believe straw hats.  Definitely a Caribbean theme.  HOWEVER!  Our pick-of-the-day was something like "Sie Tracadero" the limbo being the rage at that time.  Until the other day, I didn't realize the disconnect between a Mexican-themed song and the band's Caribbean theme.  Oh.well!  It must have worked.  And I can certainly state that our attire was unique. 
Besides an aspiring musician on the trombone named David Traub were the stalwarts of brass, Jim Smalldridge and Dick Smith on the tubas.  I can't remember who was in the percussion section with me except possibly Myrna Reynolds, Alan Nihus and Janet Castle.  Could Gerald Stevens also have been there?  Probably. I was on the bass drum so I had to drag my butt with that heavy sucker for the length of the parade route.
Was I proud then?  Not that I recall.  Am I proud now?  No!
BUT the gig provided me with a neat memory. Sie Sie Sie Trocedero indeed........
By Don Stebbins CLHS Class of 1959"

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