The Merwin Family

The family photo is actually our father's family.   Dad was the 3rd oldest of 15 kids.   My mom submitted it to the CL Mirror.  They lived at the corner of North 8th and Main (NE corner).  In the photo, to the best of my "recall", top row (l-r) is Ruth Hill, Grandma (Alice) Merwin, our dad (Art), Kit Zirbel, Elizabeth Ebaugh, Helen Anderson, Grandpa (Chauncey) Merwin, Jane Levisay.  Bottom row (l-r) are the twins Paul (Bud) Merwin, Pauline (Hon) Milam, Sara Lyon, Dave Merwin, Althea McClendon, Carol Mae Wilson, Ralph Merwin, Doris Bowman and Jim Merwin.

Jim was the only one not to marry, Elizabeth died in 1940 during child birth of Patty Ebaugh.  There was not another death for 45 years!  That happened in 1995 when Dave passed away, I think dad was next in 1997, then Ralph and then Althea.  A very remarkable family and for me as a child I LOVED to hear all the pranks these kids did and all the yard games they "invented!"  - no tv - no vcr - no cell phones!  All they got done was cooking, cleaning, and laundry!  I believe the photo was dated 1933 - it is actually a little older than that as the twins will turn 73 in July (they are 10 years older than me - I'll be 63 in November).  Some of the older kids wanted to name them something else so they never called them Paul and Pauline - they were Bud and Hon.  The Hills, Levisays, Andersons, Zirbels, Jim Merwin and our family all lived in CL.  Zirbels were on a farm nw of CL and I think the kids may have gone to the Fertile school.
Glenys Merwin Schloemer-  CLHS Class of 1963
Sister of Marilyn Merwin Jackson-  CLHS Class of 1960
Thank you so much to the Merwin sisters for the picture and the information.
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Picture taken 1936  (Spring or Summer)
The photo, is probably 1936 because the twins were born in 1934 and they look to be about 2 in the picture.  I think Glenys gave you some of the married names.  Back row L-R is Ruth (Hill) mother Alice,  my dad, Art,  Kitty(Zirbel), Betty(Ebaugh), Helen (Anderson), father Chauncey and Jane (Levisay).  The first row is as you have listed.

Thank you Marilyn Merwin Jackson for this information!