Kids just having fun.....
Jerry Millard (CLHS1956) sent in this picture.  If you have any idea who the children are or what they were doing... please let me know and I'll post the info ASAP.
Thank you!
A note from Norm Hanson,  
This picture came from my collections & I think it is Gerald Stevens in the back center, I'm in the second row on the right end with the army hat on & I'm pretty sure the blond kid in the middle is Jim Hovelson. I need to get with my younger sister as I think she might be in there too. Norm
Thanks Norm!!

I believe I may be in the front with the scarf. I believe the other person with the scarf may be Beverly Duesenberg and the one in the white coat may be Beverly Larson. The boy in the front on the left looks like Howard Wellendorf. Not sure what was going on. Let me know when you have more info.
Later, Patty  (Patty Christensen Severson) (Mary Jo's sister)....