OK everyone - -
found another one...
See the bldgs in background ?
Maid Rite and elevator
don't have a clue what/who this is....
Great cars ....   
Let the Guessing Begin.....
(Mavis Whelan CLHS1963)
Guess Who? What? Where? When?
If you have an idea of who these girls are or what's the event,
please send to ChatNutz@aol.com to be posted immediately.
We all love these 'Interactive' pages... so join the fun!!

( Classmates...We have an answer to this question
but the identity of the 'answer-ie'
will be kept confidential for now.  haha)

The girl in the middle looking at the camera..
is my sister Ila Oredsen Wilson (1958)...
She must be about 8 or 9 yrs old...
Does that help ?
(Mavis Oredsen Whelan)
"I can't identify any of the individuals in the photo
or the year, but the group is, obviously,
the crack
Clear Lake International Baton Team."

I don't know anything about the marchers.  But I do know that the building next to the Farmer's Co-op Grain Elevator is the Maid-Rite. 
(Don Stebbins- CLHS1959)
Remember To Refresh...
I'll bet that was from the annual Pet Parade. 
(Merlea Amundson Schultz- 1967)