(A Note from Don Finer- CLHS 1960)
I am including a picture of my Grand dad's old grocery. (circa 1947) This would have been right across from the old fire station and right across the alley way from the Clear Lake Bakery. We called it Finer Foods. Original, Huh? That's my Grand dad standing in front.

As a side note....I lived in the apartment above the store with my grandparents while my folks were off fighting the war. This would have been from 1943 to 1946.
The Lake Theater was down the street on the left a couple of doors....I believe there was a hardware store in between. On the corner next to the theater was a hobby shop, Bailey's, I believe. And in the basement walkdown was Jack Kuns' Barbershop.

I believe the police station was right across the street also. Jess Buttleman was the Chief of Police and he was always telling me he was going to put me in jail if I did not mind my Grandparents. I was the best kid in town.
Finer's Grocery
P.S. I forgot to mention....my Grand dad sold the grocery to Bert Barnes' dad in about 1952/53.
Finer's Grocery- 1947
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