The Louis and Lyndon Crist home and 34 Chevy.
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Louis G. Crist residence (1944 to 1957)

Our first home in Clear Lake was the standard four square; embellished with an open front porch, minis-cule rear porch, second level sleeping porch and finished sun porch on   the main level. There was even a working fire place, but rarely used. Flanking this were two built in bookcases..
Classmates Childhood Homes- Part 2
The property was beautifully shaded by a wrap-around line of elm trees which all succumbed to elm blight, probably in the early 1960s. Also, this site (corner of Seventh Avenue and North Eighth Street) was diagonally across from Central Jr. High and well placed for viewing various       school-related activities such as parades and home-coming festivity.  Words by Lyndon Crist