The All Vets
at the golf course.

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Thanks to
Jack MacDonald (1957)
for this picture.
Thanks to Larry Anderson
for this picture.
Music is
'In The Good Ole Summertime'
"The building in this picture has been torn down and replaced by a maintenance shed for the golf course. What a shame.   Jack (MacDonald)"
A picture of the All Vets from a different angle.
Probably taken during the 50s
from the looks of the cars.
(Thanks to the Whelans)

Country Club
From Bob Moninger
Picture is 1907-1915
time frame.   
The Golf Course and All Vets Country Club during the 40s, 50s and 60s
I lived right off of the second tee/second hole for 8 years.  We had many golf balls in our yard, that's for sure!  Since we were members, I would jump the fence in the evening and practice driving and putting while enjoying all the lightening bugs or fire flies as they were also called.  It was a wonderfully quite place plus perfectly manicured daily.  Even though I had the
advantage of easy access for practicing and I was on the golf team, I was only mediocre in the game of golf.  I've loved watching Tiger Woods with all his enthusiasm for the game.  If the course is walked, it is an excellent source of exercise.  Julie Hayden Traub CLHS 1960
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