Does anyone have any information on what this insignia stand for or is about?  Bob Moninger (1956) sent it in for the Clear Lake Remembered section and we would like to find out more about it.  As of now, I don't know what section it should go in or what it is about.  It is definitely from the past but how far back in the past, I have no idea.  I would appreciate any information and I will post it on Clear Lake Remembered for all to see. 
If you ever run across anything you think your classmates would enjoy seeing or reading about Clear Lake, please send it to be shared with all.  This is your site to participate in and to enjoy.
Thank you all for making this site so much fun to work on and to view, for your input and your interest.  Julie Hayden Traub (webmaster)

For a change, this is something I DO remember.  The Commodore's were a small group of  local business people within the Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce - more or less a "welcoming committee".  Perhaps 4-5 people from the Chamber, all wearing the same style jacket with this patch on the left chest pocket stopped in to visit new businesses opening up in town. 

How far back in the past it goes I don't know but I was paid a visit by the Commodore's in 1972 when we opened a small T-shirt shop on Main Street in the Stevens Building (formerly the old Rexall Drug).  We had 10 screen presses behind the wall producing transfers but couldn't resist using the front with all that window space to schlep something to the public. 
Now tell me... did I get a "Gold Star" ?   :)    George Sammis- (1959)
If anyone would know what the logo is about, it would be Mick Minette.  With his sailing background-he`s the guy!  Andy Andersen (1957)
without looking thru all these names...   did  Mick Minette get this ?   something to do with boats/water ? ?  Mavis Whelan (1963)   (Now that was a coincidence!) haha
May be associated with the Clear Lake Yachting Club.  Check their website for a contact name.  Jim Cohrt Brown (1963)
The Commadores were Chamber of Commerce members who volunteered as a welcoming committee for new business, ribbon cuttings, special events etc.  My father was one, of course, being director of Chamber, and Guy Wisgerhof (Corner Drug) and Judy's step-father we are sure was one also.  I think they wore red suit jackets with this emblem on the pocket.  I'll see if I can come up with more info.     Diane (Hintzman) Gluinn (1956)

I am assuming that this is the insignia of the group of officials (commodores) of the Clear Lake Yacht Club.. 
I am sure others in Clear Lake that race their sail  boats will know all the details 
Don Funte (1957)
Obviously has something to do with boating.  Perhaps the Clear Lake Yacht Club or whatever they were called.   Ken Tyner (1959)
This is only a wild guess, but I seem to remember something about the Chamber of Commerce having such a group that welcomed new businesses, etc.  This is probably wrong but maybe it will jog some else's memory.
Ron Law (1957)

When Dennis and I moved back to Clear Lake in 1973, we had the Gamble Store on Main Street.  I was a member of the Chamber of Commerce Commodores.  Once a week we had scheduled visits with new businesses...usually in Clear Lake, but sometimes in Ventura and even in Mason City.  This was to entice them to become members of the Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce.  We would present them with a certificate from the Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce Commodores and had our picture taken with the owners which was then put in the Mirror Reporter.  I think they still have a group that does this, but I don't know if the name has changed or if it remains the "Commodores".  I do not know how far back it goes, however.  I'm thinking that Bob Denney started the group.  Do any of you remember Bob?    Dee Mosher (1956 Honorary Classmate)
Vaguely it recalls memories of some kind of singing group; but I think it was male, adult - not school kids.  Could be wrong...  Ed Buttleman Nojiri  (1957)
During the 1950's and probably into the 60's the C.L. Commadores were a group of mainly business people who called on a new business in town as a welcome committee and always got the group picture in the Mirror Reporter.  I think you can look at some part of the Lakeshore hotel and there is a picture of the group welcoming us as the new owners in 1964.
The Commadores were really the fore runner of the Chamber of Commerce. 
Jerry Millard (1956)
The commodores are a public relations group of the Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce. They welcome new businesses to the community. I believe they are still called that and still do the same thing.  Sharon Henson Hanson (1955) from Pat Severson
I'm sure either Mick Minette or Bill Stoyles would know since they are both sailors that have been around for awhile.   Jack MacDonald (1957)
Such was a embroidered patch, from the C.L.Chamber of Commerce, used by their members [blue sport coats & tie], the patch was on the sport coat breast pocket.  I checked with H. Duesenberg [History Room & CL Library], remembers such the same way. 
MICK (Minette)  1957
I chatted with Laurie at the CL CC and she said they still exist but are now called "First Mates". Now do I get a gold star for new information????  Lauries going to try to find a picture from our era.  Diane (hintzman) Guinn (1956)
(You get two Gold Stars Diane!!  haha)

I called my cousin, Ruth Ann Miller Lease.  She tells me that the commodors was a group of the Chamber of Commerce that went around and greeted new businesses which came to town.
Ruthie was a member of this group when she had her own business.  Jane Smith Arevalo (1957)
The commodore item was a sew on patch that denoted membership in a chamber of commerce, perhaps junior chamber of commerce organization that served as a welcoming committee or some similar group in regard to promoting Clear Lake.  Lyndon Crist (1962)
Here's what I remember about the Commodores.  They were a casual group of Clear Lake
professional men who were boat-owner enthusiasts.  My dad was not a Commodore but regularly went along on their escapades on the lake.  Some of the members at various times were Dr. Edward Chappell (Uncle Eddy), Dr. Kingsley Rogers, Dr. Winkle, Dr. Earl Sargent (Sarg), and several of the men who were on the Chamber of Commerce. 

They would throw together boat parades at the drop of a hat.  I remember Dr. Chappell starting out with a sailboat and he knew next to nothing about handling one.  He asked my dad to crew with him and my dad knew absolutely NO-THING about handing a sailboat.  Dr. Sargent rounded out the group of three. 

For some reason, the ice went out early that year and the three men got the notion to take the sailboat out. I remember the phone ringing and my mother telling me afterwards, "That was John. (John Van Loan, the policeman who lived in the next house west of us) Your father, Uncle Eddy, and Sarg have all been dumped in the lake and some fishermen are trying to rescue them.  Get all the blankets out of the linen closet and I'm going to get the heating pads."  Everyone was doubly concerned for Dr. Sargent because he was diabetic.  Soon some men showed up at the house with my dripping, freezing cold father whose teeth were chattering so hard he couldn't even talk.  All ended well but my father NEVER again went in a sailboat.

The Commodores "graduated" to those lovely wooden hulled speedboats, I think they were called Chris-Craft.  I have several wonderful memories of speedboat rides with Uncle Eddy.

They were in existence by the name Commodores from (I'm guessing) about 10 years from 1948 to 1958.  There should be some mention of them in old Clear Lake Mirror & Reporter newspapers because of the boat parades.

That's all I know about the Commodores.

I'm having some fun doing research on The Clear Lake Business Development Corporation.  It was a formally registered corporation and sold shares of stock to raise money for various community projects.  I still have two of the original stock certificates.  I'll let you know more as I get the details.
Naila  CLHS 1960

Good Afternoon All!

The Commodores were members of the CL Chamber whom, among other things, visited new businesses in town in their maroon blazers.  Naturally, the Mirror-Reporter covered the visits. They also represented the Chamber at various events (such as Governor's Days.)  Among the members were Harlan Reid, Mr. Moeller and Harlan Pugh.

But with my memory, they could also have been members of the local Klu Klux Klan.  But, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Stebbins  CLHS 1959
Jacque Simon  CLHS1965 wrote to the Chamber of Commerce and here is the reply.

"I can tell you that the 'Commodores' were a group of individuals who welcomed new  businesses to the area, performed ribbon cuttings, and etc., years ago.  Today, this group is called the 'First Mates' and is a committee of the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce - just as the Commodores were.  Thanks for your email!  Regards, Laurie"

Laurie Lietz
Director of Tourism/CVB
Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce
205 Main Avenue / P.O. Box 188, Clear Lake, IA  50428
Phone: (800) 285-5338 / (641) 357-2159 Fax: (641) 357-8141

I went to senior chamber today several told me that is the patch the chamber members use to wear on their red blazers that they wore when they welcomed a new chamber member.
Charlie Zirbel (1963)
I read the other replies to the Commodores and saw that Ed Buttleman remembered it being a singing group too.  I have a picture of my dad in that group somewhere.  If and when I run across it I will send it to you.  Marilyn Madsen Schager (1957)