From the Clear Lake Mirror-Reporter (Sept 12, 2007 edition).
The caption states:
"The mosquitoes weren't the only insects in local yards last week.
Each year hundreds of monarchs stop by for a break on their way to Mexico for the winter.  Ron Barracks caught a shot of these on a tree right outside his door."
(Submitted photo).
I thought you may be interested in this article from the Mirror and Reporter. 
I'm not sure if it's legal to copy the picture but for us 'home town folks',
it's a little taste of those wonderful summer/fall days we spent in Clear Lake as we were growing up. 

I also remember the many lightening bugs that filled the night sky and catching them in glass jars.
Remember when?
Yes, I remember my yute in Metro Clear Lake (pronounced Clearalake).
I would collect the caterpillars from the dill plants. They would hatch into black swallowtail butterflies, my favorite.  (Jim Smalldridge 1959)
Feel free to share your memories with us all.
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