The Beach in Clear Lake
'Today and in Yester Years'
These pictures were sent in by Mavis Whelan (1963) of the Beach 'today'.  If you have pictures or memories of one of our favorite summer hangouts, please send them to be posted here for all to share.

These pictures are of city beach and how they have changed it.
took that big ole tree out and put brick sidewalk....  there is a
big square where you can push a button and water spouts come
up to cool you off or clean your feet ..Mavis Whelan
Bill McGowan
(CLHS 1960)
at the beach
in the 50s. 
Thanks go to
Bob Whelan
for the picture.
Clear Lake, Iowa
The lake is about 14,00 years old and was formed by a glacial action.  It is a spring-fed body of water that has a surface area exceeding 3,600 acres, and is over 6 miles long and 2 1/2 miles wide. (Words on the postcard purchased by The Whelans)
Beaches of the past.....
Wellman's Beach.
I'm not sure where this was located.
Perhaps Bob Moninger knows?
He sent in these two pictures for us all to enjoy.
Thanks Bob!
City Beach
This is where most of us went to swim or fry in the sun when we were growing up.  (Does any one remember the baby oil with Iodine mixed in we used as lotion?)
The lake on a very rough day in 1908!
Thanks Bob Moninger!!
City Beach 1920s