'Color The Wind'
(6th Year)

Kite Flying Day In Clear Lake
17 February, 2007
(Via the Clear Lake Web Cam)

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The end of a perfect day.....

Words by Bob Moninger CLHS 1956
"This reminds me of New Years Eve during the mid and late 50s -- either Gary Leach, Dennis Mosher or Bob Thompson (perhaps others also) and I would gather up Christmas trees that folks had put on the curb.  We would haul several truck loads out to about 250 yards from the wall by the park and have a big fire. Then return to the Congregational Church and ring the bell at midnight."

If you know when the Color The Wind tradition started or if you have a memory you'd like to share for the page, please let me know.
Let's Go Fly A Kite!
Note- Dee Mosher just let me know that this is the 6th year of this event!!
Thanks Dee!!!
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