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Clear Lake is a spring-fed lake formed by glacial action some 14,000 years ago. It has a surface area of about 3,600 acres and measures seven miles long and two and one-half miles wide. The elevation of the lake is 1,247 feet above sea level and it is nearly 100 feet above the surrounding countryside, giving it the appearance of an inverted saucer setting above the area around it. Its elevation is actually higher than the top of the tallest building in neighboring Mason City.
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Clear Lake Remembered
1940s and 1950s and 1960s
Are you ready to take a 'Sentimental Journey' back in time?
The Lion's Den
Suggested by
Lyndon Crist
CLHS 1962
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Churches of Clear Lake-Contents
Old Photos of Around Town
Central Elementary School
Old High School (1936-1959)
Color The Wind- 2007
Color The Wind- 2008
Bayside Amusement Park
The Surf Ballroom
Clear Lake- Before
Boats and Boating
Friends Get Together
People We Remember
Pancake Day
Places of Business
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Pictures courtesy of Larry Andersen
Burma Shave Signs
Memories of Good Ole Times
Ridiculous Day
The Corner Drug
The Lake Theater
Parents and Friends GetTogether
Barbershops of Clear Lake
The McGowan Home
Finer's Grocery Store
The Crist Home
Filling Stations in Clear Lake
The Hayden Family
The Merwin Family
*Clear Lake Places
The Hayden Homes
A Hypnotist Comes To Town
Donald Thompson
The Hintzman Home
The Clough Home
The Moninger Home
Other Homes In Clear Lake
Homecoming 1959-1960
Children and Friends Get Together
Sights and Sounds of Clear Lake
Guess Who??

Musical Memories

Restaurants & Eating Places
Lighthouse Drive Inn
Hotels and Motels


Funeral Homes
The Park Hotel
Motels in Clear Lake
The Oaks Hotel
The Lake Shore Hotel
The Watertower
Fireworks- 4th of July, 2007
Country Club/Golf Course
The Eastman-Baago Family
Musical Memories
4 July 1957
Mason City Globe Gazette
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City Park
The Beach
Places We Remember

School Plays- Programs and Groups

Clear Lake High School Sports
Places We've Forgotten?

Boats and Boating

CL-MasonCity Depot
Billy's Casino
Kids Together
Minstrel Show
*Post Office
Various Class Pictures
*The Bakery
School Plays
The Public Library
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Places of Entertainment- Part 2

Other All Class Participation Pages

Butterfly Reunion
Birthdays and Greetings!
The Barrell
Baker Auditorium
The Commodores
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Clear Lake's Waterslide
Homes from the Past
Iowa Friends
Vetern's Honor Roll
The Outing Club
Teachers & Staff We Remember
Iowa Rules
Clear Lake
Centennial Coin
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150 years
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200 years
Postcards of Clear Lake
Country Schools
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Clear Lake via the Web Cam
29 Dec, 2007
A view of the Lake from
North Shore Drive near the Fish Hatchery
Winter Dance Party 1959
Take Me Back To The Sixties
Jazz Documentary- Request
The Watanye Club
Farm Life- Growing Up On A Farm
The Skew Club
Iowa Trivia
Take Me Back To The Fifties
John Perkins
In Memory
CLHS Music Dept/Choir-Band
Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Elementary-2
Boats - Part 2
Student Council
Iowa Winters
Only 4 Iowans...
Clippings of Interest
Transportation Thru The Years
Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts
Color The Wind- Larry & Kay Day
National Hobie Race- Sept 11,2008
Winter Dance Party - Memories
Clear Lake Lion's Football Website
Mr. Berge- Superintendent
Business Women's Luncheon
Landmarks 2
Recently moved from CLHS 1963 site
* The Little Store
Clear Lake Lion's Fight Song
PM Park
The Dancing Boy- Sharon Henson Hanson
*The Night The Music Died*
The Night The Music Died
The Surf Ballroom
Polar Swim- 2008
Christmas- 2008
50 Winters Ago
July 4, 1923
A Knapp Tribe Birthday
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Corkboard Holiday Greetings
The Ron Gerdes Home
All Class Reunion
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The event included the CLHS classes of 1956-1967.  It was a one day event and held at the Ventura Community Center
on July 25, 2009. 
Each class notified their members regarding costs, etc. close to the date once all has been finalized. 
Merlea (Amundson) Schultz CLHS 1967
Charlie Zirbel CLHS 1963

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High School Dances
A note from the author of "Clear Lake: The Earliest Images 1870s and 1880s", Paul C. Juhl

"Although I am not a graduate of Clear Lake High School, I have certainly enjoyed this site for the past couple of years.  If every Iowa town could show such creatively, it would certainly increase our pride in the Hawkeye State.  But then, Clear Lake is a very special place to all of us who have visited and vacationed there over the years.  Paul Juhl"  6 January, 2009

Main Street- Our Home Town
Postcards from Ron Gerdes
Postcards- Thru the Years
Cecil Theater Memories (Mason City)
Clear Lake's Railroad Connection
Forms of Transportation We Used
Music Groups
Music Groups Part 2
Clear Lake's Railroad Connection-Part 2
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Rumbles and Reunions
The Ritz
The Drive Inn Movie
CLHS Music Program
Mr. Smith- Principal
Clearview Roller Rink
Winter Dance Party 2009
Pet Parades
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Central Gardens (site of old schools)
Bonnie Steinberg Christensen's Home
Park Inn Hotel (Mason)
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