Rumbles R Mini Reunions! Rumbles R Mini Reunions! Rumbles R Mini Reunions! Rumbles R Mini Reunions!
"These CLHS 1967 grads and spouses enjoyed a June mini-reunion and reading the Mirror Reporter in Denali National Park during a 2 week Alaska cruise and tour. L to R: Jerry Zirbel, Merlea and Terry Schultz, Sandy Zirbel, Cathy and Mike Callanan, Randy and Linda Miles. They were also in Fairbanks to celebrate the longest day of the year and the 31st Anniversary of the first day oil flowed through the Alaskan Pipeline."
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12 August, 2008
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Classmates on MS Zaandam cruising to Alaska:
L to R:
Randy & Linda Miles,
Merlea & Terry Schultz,
Sandy & Jerry Zirbel,
Cathy & Mike Callanan
Diane Copas Allen
Sara Lugar Ouverson
at the Rose Bowl in
Mason City 2009
Sara Lugar Ouverson
Lori Dawson Day-Koenniger
at Roller City Rink
in Mason City
April 2009
1967 Classmates at the All Web Site Reunion, July 25, 2009
Thanks to Sara Lugar Ouverson for this picture.
Pictures are, Left to right: Marshall Knowels, Lon Ackerberg, Larry Cookman, Merlea Amundson Schultz, Alyn Holstad, Sara Lugar Ouverson, Mike Callanan, Cathy Callanan, Sandy Price Zirbel, Jerry Zirbel, Rick Ockerman
Summer 2013-- Kerry Frampton's visit to Steve Bless at Glacier National Park where Steve is a Ranger
front row l to r: Laurie Ashland Craven, Julie Zirbel Weibenga
2nd row: Sara Lugar Ouverson, Sandy Price Zirbel, Janice Cavanaugh Purcell, Sharon McFarland Lindsay, Cheryl Buffington Ohden
3rd row" Linda Thoen, Karen Nye '62, Amy Nye Snow, Bev Sears Currier, Nancy Banks Mullan, Merlea Amundson Schultz