Larry Cookman
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2 March, 2009
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12 April, 2009
Marital Status: Married (Angie, Been together for 27 years). 4 daughters and 4 granddaughters, range in age from 37-10. Guess the man upstairs was going to make sure no more Larry Cookmans! Granddaughters from 13-2.
Working: Work as an equipment manager in Carver Hawkeye Arena at U of Iowa- Go Hawks! Sold my last motorcycle about 6 weeks ago. May would have marked 43 years of bikes. I have ridden in all 50 states and 7 foreign countries. Health problems made me give it up.
Did the usual out of high school. Went in the service, did the Viet Nam thing, got married and divorced. Lived in Socal when I returned. Moved to Colorado after that and finally made it back to Iowa in late '78. Really enjoy class reunions. We are so lucky to have grown up in the 60s. The lifestyles, the freedoms, the music. As I told a friend recently, take away Viet Nam and it was pretty darn fun. I appreciate my classmates now, as I feel I could have been a better classmate back then. I hope to retire in 18 months.
Favorite Song from the 60s: Satisfaction, Stones, Motown, Beach Boys, pretty much all of it.
Address: 1101 17th Ave, Coralville (Iowa City) Ia, 52241
Email Adress: Larry-
Home Phone/Cell Phone: 319-351-7405 Cell: 319-400-6748
Family Picture
Back Row: Amanda 25, Maddy 10, Angie, Shawn (son in law)
Middle Row: Taylor 13, Paula 37 (married to Shawn) Kirsten 27
Front Row: Diamond (Kirsten) Big Daddy, Blair 10 (Paula's)
Not Pictured, Lidiya 2
Pride and Joy
1947 Knucklehead, I rebuilt it myself.
"Captain America"
Larry in Vietnam, 2 days in the country,
R&R at Nha Trang and 98 beers later,
I think I had fun.
Only two did the drinking.
See what you sunset girls missed!