130 Clyde Circle
Waterloo IA 50701
(319) 234-4235
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Marital Status: Single since 1993
Children: Susan Eisenbacher married to Joseph Edwards
One daughter, Melissa.
Robyn Cusmano married to Christopher Cusmano
One daughter, Rachel.
I had been working two jobs (seven days a week) until February 2008 when myself and seven others were laid off due to cuts from the corporate office. I have been looking for full time work since but still have my part-time job on Saturdays and Sundays at Bonanza Family Restaurant in Cedar Falls. I am registered with a temp agency and have been getting a few jobs here and there from them.
Being laid off all summer did have its advantage as I got to spend time with my granddaughters almost every day. My oldest granddaughter is in high school this year (Columbus High School) and is active in band, volleyball and sound connection so I keep busy attending her activities.
Some past history:
Attended North Iowa Area Community College for a semester and a half. I got married in 1970 and moved to Phoenix, Arizona. Moved back to Iowa in 1978 and have lived in Waterloo since moving back. I was divorced in 1993.
Donna Lee (Blau) Eisenbacher
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