Lekwa family and Alta's Dad
Alta Matzen Lekwa
Address: 105 Lowery Street Apt 1301
Hot Springs, Ar
E-Mail - menoseeum@yahoo.com
Phone Number - 501-620-4388
Marital Status / Partner's Name / Children
I married in 1968 to Larry Lekwa from the CLHS class of 1965. We will celebrate our 40th anniversary in August of this year. We have 2 children, Andrew and wife Julia. Kelly McNeill and her husband John. We are blessed with 4 Grandchildren, Kristina Budee 20, Dexter Lekwa 18, Jacob McNeill 10, and Madison McNeill 3. Our Oldest granddaughter is expecting our lst Great Grandchild in November.
Working / Retired / Activities you enjoy
We both retired in 1993. We sold our home and bought a RV. We traveled around the USA full time for about 8 years. We had many wonderful experiences and met countless numbers of very interesting people, all happy because they were where they wanted to be if not they rolled down the road somewhere else. Finally we settled in Hot Springs, Arkansas. It is a city that lots of people come to visit because it has so much to offer. We Live in the middle of the Quachita National Forest with lots and lots of trees and wildlife. There are all kinds of places to camp, hunt, boat, fish, vacation and just enjoy nature at it's finest. There are 3 lakes around Hot Springs.
Before we settled in Hot Springs we made a few stops. We moved from Clear Lake in 1974 to Hereford, TX. Then it was to an 80 acre farm in Mena, AR in 1979 and we moved to a house in Mena proper in 1982. In l993 we began our travels in our RV and traveled until 2001. We are now close to both of our children and some of our grandchildren and enjoy that a great deal.
The things I do most are church related. We helped establish a new church here which means there is a lot of work and not a lot of workers. I teach a Bible School class, function as church treasurer, organize church dinners and make lots of phone calls. Besides that I care for my two grandchildren, Jacob and Madison, when our daughter works (this my most enjoyable task), enjoy cross word puzzles, cryptoquote puzzles, go for walks, and sit in my chair in front of the TV. I also care for my 91 year old father who lives with us.
Favorite music - None, or should I say I can't remember any. I listened to lots of music in my teens but as you all know thats a few years ago.
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