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I've been married to Keith Andre for 23 years. He is (mostly) retired. He worked in chemical dependency treatment centers for 20 years and before that was a commercial fisherman on the Mississippi. We have two great sons:
My oldest son, Tobin Ray Krell is 28 years old and is in graduate school in Portland, OR getting a Master's in Conflict Transformation. (He's his mother's son for sure.) He is a very free spirit, has been pretty much all over the United States. He worked at an Americorps job in an organization called Peace Games in Boston. He was an environmental educator for Imago in Cincinnati, OH and worked at an alternative high school here in Burlington. He then traveled all over the United States in a van with his dog before he finally settled down. After a brief stint as the proprietor of a coffee house/vegetarian restaurant with very cool music (Burlington is way too provincial for such an endeavor), he decided to complete his college education. His life partner is Mollie Koett, a professional photographer. Most importantly, they are parents of my one and only grandchild (so far), Aidan Orion Krell. Aidan is four years old and nearly perfect in every way.
My other son is Zachary Andre who is 22. Zach is a cook at a local restaurant and a sometimes college student. He is a much quieter sort of person and an avid reader. (Again, his mother's son for sure-the reader part, not the quiet part.) He and I enjoy debating politics and discussing the latest books we're reading.
High School Memories:
The theme parties we had at Amy Schultz's house and in my basement (making hundreds of heart-shaped sandwiches for Valentine's Day and little personalized gravestones for Halloween); slumber parties with music, frozen bras, and mischief (remember stealing watermelons?); 4th of July (even the Fourth in Chicago couldn't compete with the memories); The Barrel with the radio dj and real carhops (was it KRIB radio?); Green Rivers at the Corner Drug Store (where I first heard the Beatles on the jukebox); Homecoming bonfires; locker decorations (hundreds of little footballs); working on the yearbook (Since I didn't have a license, I could get someone out of study hall to take me to the photographers and then we'd go to the DQ.); speaking of the DQ, working for Jimmy Ice Cream; dances at The Surf; snow days (you remember.we couldn't make it to school but somehow made it to each other's houses to play cards and board games).
Life Since Graduation:
Went to Morningside College for one year, then transferred to the University of Iowa where I got to participate in all the student activism of the time. Taught high school English in Chicago area, went to graduate school there and got a Master's in Social Work degree. While in Chicago, I stayed politically active and learned so much about other cultures-food, music, museums. Worked for the social service unit for a police department in Chicago area and then for a multi-service social service agency where I got into outdoor adventure programming. (For three years running, I backpacked on cross-country skis and camped out for New Year's Eve. Don't worry, though, I've mostly regained my sanity.)
Then I moved back to Iowa and have been involved with chemical dependency treatment, first as a social worker, then as treatment director, then program director, now teaching others to be chemical dependency counselors.
I'm still working (sigh) at Southeastern Community College. I'm the coordinator and primary instructor for the Chemical Dependency Counselor Training Program. I know I sighed about it, but I really love my job. Teaching is my calling and when one is a community college instructor, there is none of that "publish or perish" stuff; you get to just teach.
Things I enjoy:
I volunteer one weekend a month for the Alternatives to Violence Project, teaching nonviolent conflict resolution to inmates at the Iowa State Penitentiary. (So far they have let me out of prison every time.)
I also volunteer with our local healthy community, healthy youth coalition. I train peer mediators in the high schools, coordinate a diversity festival, train community members to be activists in making their neighborhoods healthier.
I am still active in my political party and in the peace movement. I am passionate about social justice and citizen activism.
I also enjoy gardening, reading, traveling. I am very proud of my flower and vegetable gardens. I still read voraciously-nonfiction and fiction. And I love traveling. I haven't traveled a lot out of country-Canada backpacking and Ireland for my nephew's wedding. But I have traveled through most of the United States. Currently, my traveling is limited to Oregon to see my grandson, but I've decided it's my favorite spot in the US even without my grandson.
Favorite Quotes:
I love good quotes, so I can't narrow it down to one. Here are a few that signify my philosophy on life:
"We can't cure the world of sorrows, but we can choose to live in joy."
Joseph Campbell
"Never doubt that small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead
"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."
Favorite song from the 60's for background music :
Dancing in the Streets (Martha Reeves); For What It's Worth (Buffalo Springfield); I Dig Rock and Roll Music (Peter Paul and Mary); Mr.Tambourine Man (The Byrds)
One last quote:
"What if the Hokey Pokey IS what it's all about?"
Sandy Krell-Andre
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