I've been married to Stacy Grier since 1971. We have four children; all are grown and gone from the home and leading good lives in their own homes and carrying their own health insurance! We have four dear grandchildren: Jasmine (6 yr) Alex and Jase (each 3 , but not twins - cousins) and new baby Jamin.
I retired from teaching but have a part time job as an Education Director at our city museum. We are actually on the list of "Top 10 Weirdest Museums in the World." One of our sites, the Glore Psychiatric Museum has just earned this distinction.
I spend a lot of time in my flowerbeds and the water features at the Museum. As long as I wear gloves so I don't have to touch any worms, I can listen to my books-on-tape and get all the weeds pulled!
My favorite activity is spending time with my grandchildren. All you other grandparents know what I mean. With our newest baby, Jamin, I find I can hold him for hours and not get tired. The older kids offer lots of fun with soccer, swimming, crafts, stories, dress-up, cooking, music-making and cuddling. They call our house "Nana and Papa Camp."
Stacy won't retire for a few years, but spends as much time as possible playing golf with our son-in-laws. They take the little boys when they can, not too often though. The girls and I use their golf time to play at our cabin at Lake Viking or shop. We like the way the husbands hurry to get the lawns mowed, etc. so they'll make all their tee-times. Stacy still teaches Sunday school, serves as a lay-preacher and church leader. I just help with dinners, plant and rummage sales, showers and fill in for nursery care.
Favorite songs from the 60's "Walk Like a Man, Sherry, Oh, Sweet-pea."
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Amy Schultz Grier
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