Address: 2317 NE 12th Court, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
Cell Phone Only: 786-554-3574
Marital Status / Partner's Name / Children: I have been single since the flood. Seriously, 37 years. My only child, Jay and his wife Heather live here in Fort Lauderdale with their daughter Anouk. We are expecting a little girl in September.
Working / Retired? Activities you enjoy: I am retired from real work but I keep active with fundraising for the museum of art here in Fort Lauderdale. I cannot do enough for the institution as everyone I have met here, I met through the friends I made there.
I still enjoy sailing and boating. I also Scuba regularly with Jay. It gives me joy to see him enjoy the same things I do.
I also have a bulldog, Dozer who is my constant companion.
Favorite song from the 60's for background music : Songs would be " The Sound of Silence", "Strangers in The Night" and anything by the Beachboys.
Oh the memories, Kathy Young and I swimming and trying to talk underwater. Playing in the evenings at Sunset until the streetlights came on and then it was time to go home. Leaving the Old Congo Church to meet Merlea and Baker at the Bakery to spend part of my offering. Church choir practice and then to library on Thursday nights, what talks we had on the steps. What was the librarian's name, she had a Basset Hound that looked just like her. One of my favorites is going with Basket, Akerberg, Jeanne Berge, and I think Amy Schultz to the revival between Mason and the Lake. The minister asked if there was anyone who needed healing and Jerry went up. We were so embarrassed. He asked for straight teeth and they threw us out. The whole time Jerry was saying, "but I really want straight teeth".
Slumber parties with Merlea's mother making the table talk were great. I haven't seen Lime Tea since '67 but it was great with the Tarriton cigarettes. Haunted houses were all the rage for a while. I think this memory may be a curse so I'll stop now.
If you get to Florida, Call me.
Merry Powell Hanson
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20 April, 2008
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Jay and Merry,
St Thomas USVI
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5 October, 2009
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