Amy Nye Snow
Amy and Al- June 2005
Name: Amy (Nye) Snow
Address: 105 Cornwall Avenue, Waterloo, IA 50701
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Cell Phone: (763) 227-7199
Marital Status / Partner’s Name / Children:
Divorced/Single -- Four grown children, the last one still living (mostly just SLEEPING!) at home! Currently happier than any time in life! In 2004 I took a dare from a friend and re-found the love of my life that I lost in 1968 when he got drafted – Alan Perkins from Marshalltown, IA. We met originally at City Beach, summer of ’67, and were engaged when he left for basic training. Army discipline, the threat of Vietnam, and a big misunderstanding tore us apart. The first time we talked after we re-found each other, he asked me if I still had the ring he gave me, and he was shocked to find out I did. I told him I couldn’t wear it as I had lost one of the stones. He wanted to have it repaired, which he did, and gave it back to me. I am wearing it again now! When we re-found each other, we went back to City Beach for our first meeting and discovered neither of us had ever gotten over the other, that we were still madly in love, and we had to figure out what to do about that. Well, the short version is that a few months later he moved to Minneapolis, and we have been together ever since. Life is good!
Working / Retired? Activities you enjoy: Working full-time PLUS. My primary job is as Risk Management, Quality Improvement, and Continuing Medical Education Coordinator/Patient Services Representative for Emergency Physicians, PA, an emergency medicine partnership of 115 docs who staff the Emergency Departments of six Minneapolis metro hospitals. One of my roles in this position is to handle all escalated patient grievance calls. Second job is doing administrative/communication support for one of my former tenants (from my last job as Business Manager for BCI Business Center in Edina, MN). I do all his work from home by fax and e-mail.
I love going to concerts with Al, and in the past three years we have seen Travis Tritt, Tom Jones, Bill Engval (comedian), Liverpool Legends (Beatles look-alikes), and many others. We also follow a favorite regional band from the Eau Claire WI area, Marshall Star Band (they often play at Diamond Joe’s Casino in north Iowa, Treasure Island Casino in Hastings MN, and The Isle Casino in Waterloo.)
We have also been busy the last three years renovating my house, with the ultimate goal of figuring out where we REALLY want to live… unfortunately we haven’t figured that out yet!
I spent several years back in school after a back injury took away my nursing career, and I ended up with a Master’s Degree in Religious Leadership, and ordination for community-based ministry. I work extensively with families and individual’s who have no church connection, providing pastoral care, short-term grief counseling, and funeral services. I’ve even done a few weddings, and I am thrilled to say I will be officiating my brother’s wedding this summer.
Favorite song from the 60’s for background music: “Unchained Melody” by the Righteous Brothers
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Alan Perkins
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Marshalltown, IA
Update as of 21 December, 2008
My job here in Minneapolis was slowly being eliminated - I could read the writing on the wall, so I took the "bull by the horns" and found a new one. In WATERLOO,IA! I will be moving back to Iowa just as soon as my mortgage banker tells me we can close on the new house. I am hopeful to be all moved and settled by early February... as for now, I am working out of the Ramada Inn in downtown Waterloo, intermittently with working remotely from Minneapolis.
The new job title is Development and Education Coordinator for Healthcare Quality Association on Accreditation in Waterloo, a great company and a perfect fit for me. HQAA is an agency that accredits home medical equipment suppliers to be Medicare-certified and actively works to eliminate Medicare fraud. The BEST part is it gets me OUT of the city, with all its attendant long distances and traffic snarls, and back into smaller-town life which I have sorely missed the last 17 years. Otherwise, all is well, and life is good!