I was living and working in Omaha in '68-'69 and came home one night to find a Coors Beer can carton stuffed under my door with the message "Be back soon" was Jerry and Jim Elting on their way home from Colorado and they needed a bed for the night! I certainly don't know how they tracked me down but we spent hours talking and catching up with each other's lives......that's what friends are for--a bed and conversation when you need it! Merlea Schultz
Jerry died on Nov. 15, 1980 in Boca Raton, Fla. He lived in Delray Beach, but the hospital he was taken to was in Boca. Not sure if you know the circumstances but he and his girlfriend were coming home from a party and she was driving. She fell asleep on Hwy. 1 and crashed into a palm tree. She woke just before impact, but Jerry was a sleep with his head in her lap and died from massive head injuries. He didn't have a seatbelt on and went under the dash. A long time ago, but I still miss him. Katie (His Sister)
Jerry Baskett
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Baskett was the best friend I have ever had and will ever have. We met in elementary school and were like brothers since that time. We both attended Iowa State together until Baskett transferred to U of I stating that he was not challenged enough at ISU. We both graduated and moved to Florida with Spook and lived in Katie and Gary Kaul's house for the summer while they traveled. Baskett and I worked together at Motorola for several years. One Friday, while we were at work, his girlfriend called and wanted to go to Miami that night for a party. Baskett asked me to join them, and to this day I am sorry I did not, because that night was the night of his death. I could have been driving that night rather than his girl friend, and hoped for a better outcome for all. About 3:00 AM the night of his death, I received a call from Chip Fuller, a mutual friend of ours, stating that Baskett was in serious condition from a car accident. I drove to the ER and found him looking normal but without any brain activity. His head cushioned the impact of the steering wheel for his girlfriend and saved her life; so typical of Basketts style. He is in my memories almost on a daily basis and always will be. Lon Akerberg
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