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I would recommend saving this as a document, then you can fill it out and attach it to an e-mail (or attach directly). That way you are saving a copy of what you have sent and could modify it later if necessary.
Please return to Merlea Schultz at hitide5163@msn.com and I will forward to our Web Master. Please include a recent picture or pictures of you and your family for your page, too. If you can scan and send by e-mail-great..otherwise I'll get them to Sandy Zirbel for scanning and forwarding to the webmaster and she will return them.
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Note: Feel free to write as much as you want and to add any other comments about your school years, your life (where you've been, what you're doing and where you're going), family, etc. We'll enjoy what ever you want to put in your profile and you can change it when you wish just by notifying me. Merlea (Click the envelope).
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28 April, 2008
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