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Terry Hansen

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Name:        Terry Hansen

Nickname (that you know of!):    "The General"

Martial status:    Divorced

Spouse's/Significant other's name:        Joanne Long

Email address:

Home address:        Box 338, St. Marys, Alaska  99658

Phone #:            907-438-2222

Your life since 1963:    After graduation I joined the Navy.  Served 5 years with 4 Vietnam tours.  Discharged in 1968 and returned to Clear Lake.  Worked at Mercy Hospital and attended NIACC, graduating in 1972.  Went to UNI, graduating in 1974.  Worked as an accountant in Mason City until 1977, then moved to Montana.  Owned and operated a White Water Rafting Company until 1980.  Worked for a hospital in Whitefish, MT and learned to fly.  Worked as a charter pilot in Montana until 1995, then went to Alaska.  In Bethal, I've been flying passengers and cargo and US Mail.  Was married for 9 years, divorced in 1990.  Currently living with Joanne for the last 7 years in an Eskimo village on the Yukon River.  Haven't been back to Iowa since 1994.  My sister still lives in Clear Lake so hope to come back sometime.  My brother and mother live in Montana and I see them about once a year.

Your life now:        I live on the Yukon River and I work in Bethel, Alaska for a commuter airline flying two weeks on and one week off moving passengers, cargo and US Mail.  Really like the work. During my time off, fishing all year round and hunting.  As there are no roads in western Alaska, all travel is done by airplane, boats and snow machines.  

What classmates have you kept in contact with? :    Saw Keith Tarr last time I was in Iowa

What classmates would you like to hear from? :    All

Would/could you help find classmates? :        Sure

Any hobbies? :        Flying, boating, snowmobiling, hunting

Favorite song of 1963 or earlier :  

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