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Bev Paulson Rippentrop

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Bob and Bev in SD- 2005

Name: Bev Rippentrop        

Nickname (that you know of!):

Martial status: married

Spouse's/Significant other's name:  Bob "Rip"

Email address:

Home address:  Rockwell, Iowa

Phone #:

Cell phone #:

Fax #:

Your life since 1963:  Married 1964--lived in Titonka until 1967 when we moved to Mason City.  In 2001 we moved to Rockwell, small town Iowa, best move we ever made.  
I worked at the bakery in Clear Lake and photo shop in Mason City until I started at Curtis 1000 in 1973.  Curtis 1000 closed their doors in Mason City in 2005 after I had been there 32 years.  
I am now working as a para for the Mason City system (part-time).  My husband has just retired after 48 years as a  mechanic, 25 years owning his own business in Mason City.  Our oldest son Scott now runs the business--our youngest son Jeff also worked for Curtis 1000 for many years and is now employed in Mason City.  Jeff, his wife and his son and daughter have just moved to Rockwell.  

Your life now:  I am still doing the bookwork for the business.  Enjoy spending time with my grandkids.  I like not having to go to work every day.  Looking forward to traveling and relaxing in the near future in our RV.    

What classmates have you kept in contact with? :  none

What classmates would you like to hear from? : all

Would/could you help find classmates? :

Any hobbies? :  My husband and I enjoy riding our harley, we go to Sturgis every year and we do a lot of short trips around the area.  I knit and do a lot of reading.

Favorite song of 1963 or earlier :    

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Music is
'Bicycle Built For Two'