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Class of 1961

A number of CLHS classes have established websites so they can catch up on each other's lives and, if they wish, stay in touch or renew old friendships.  The websites are developed and maintained by Julie Hayden Traub ('60).  The class reunion committee has decided to fund the addition of the Class of '61 to the growing list of those available.

All you have to do to join is go on-line here to complete a personal profile and submit a picture.  You may include as little or as much information as you choose.  Bob Friest and I will be posting profiles you can view as examples.  If you do not have e-mail or web access, you can complete this form, attach a picture, and mail it to me. (This was information included in a letter mailed out.)

We all have concerns about Internet security and the availability of personal information, such as e-mail addresses.  You can add password protection to your information by request.  If you do so, the password is simply 1961.  With that, you will be able to access information about our class and the other classes that are included as well.

There is no cost to you for adding your profile - and no pop-up ads or cookies come from this website. You might note that some of you did not graduate with us in 1961, but attended school with our class at one point before moving away or otherwise changing course.  We want you to be a part of this project!

We have no information on the following people.  If you have a current address for one of them, please let us know:  Richard Berghefer, Mary Jo Coyle Murthy, Bonnie Dykman Head, Clark Edgington, Ron Gilbert, Paula McEldoon Juhl, Dean Sargent, Lois Smalldridge Hessing, Jim Van Loan, John Vining, Tim Waddingham, and Zelma Weatherwax.

Hope to see you on-line.

Pat Larsen Schultz
24640 305th Street
Nora Springs, IA 50458
Dixie Anderson Hass
  Janette Dickerson Blanchard
Craig Goehring
Curtis Hanson
Don Hull
Susan Julsen
Steve Moeller
Judy Niewald Fritz
Bob Olinger
Susan Rungee
Gordon Stokes
John Strauss
Janette Dickerson Blanchard
Valera Rooks Hovelson
Karen Staley
Other CLHS 1961 Class Links
CLHS 1961 is starting to Growl
Joann McGill
*Mike McGrady
Sherry McIllrath Smith Warren
Art Meyers
Mary Lou Mix Hoffman
Gordon Myers
David Nelson
Elizabeth Neu Wilson
Sharon Newell Duregger
David Oelberg
Fritz Opel
Judy Otten Waters
Dianna Oudekerk Berghefer
Phyllis Peterson Coyier
David Pitkin
Max Prescott
Barbara Price
*Jay Pringle
Chuck Rayburn
Charlene Reisdorf Morris
Mary Rogers Marshall
Darrell Roggeman
Jim Roth
*Dianne Rund O'Brian
Stuart Sammis
Dean Sargent
Pat Scott
Sandy Shoop Pitkin
Larry Simmer
Pat Simon Brinkman
Lois Smalldridge Hessing
Diane Sorenson LaGue
Bob Speaker
*Toni Stanton Leonard
*Charlene Stebbins Ostby
*Marlene Stebbins Greiman
Bob Steinberg
Karen Stites Smith
Sally Stoyles Edwards
Terry Taylor
Ann Turnbull Sadler
*Susan Underkofler        
Jim Van Loan
John Vining
Tim Waddingham
Mary Ann Walker
*Zelma Weatherwax
Sharon Weaver Springer
Barbara Woker Sterzing
Roberta Woker Linquist
*Lois Wyrum Gurdin
Beverly Yule Smith-Tiedje
Patsy Zinn Wentworth
Can't you hear those Lions roar?

Lion drawn by
Pat Larsen Schultz
in 2006

It's a pencil drawing, scanned and colored with
JASC Photoshot.
(Click on the names or words which are underlined or the pictures.)

David Anderson                                
Linda Anderson Rasmussen                
Keith Ashland                                
Myron Baago                                        
John Bardsley                                
Bill Baylor                                        
Maxine Bell Veatch                                
Sandy Berge Champion                        
Richard Berghefer                                
Marcella Blakewell Gremmer                
Sarah Bower                                        
Susan Brownstone Sweet                        
Pat Callanan Knutson                        
Barbara Collen Asche                        
Keith Cooper                                        
Sharon Coyier Froiland                        
Mary Jo Coyle Murthy                        
John Davis                                        
Jill Dominic Soens                                
Judy Drake Whiteside                        
Terry Duregger                                
Bonnie Dykman Head                        
Clark Edgington                                
*Vernon Ellefson, Jr                
Tom Engebretson                                
*Dennis Farnan                        
Frank Francis                                
Mike Fredericks                                
Bob Friest                                        
Ron Gilbert                                        
Jack Gilles                                        
*Mike Grandon                                
Arnold Griffith                                
Juanita Hakes Sikora                        
Dwight Hall                                        
Carolyn Hanley Nichols                        
Dick Hanley                                        
Joann Hartin Niemeyer                        
*Beth Heifner Fink                        
Donnetta Holt Black                        
Larry Hughes                                
Jack Kilborn                                        
Judi Klinge McGowan                        
*Eric Knutson
Carol Kuhlemeier Peterson
*Pat Larsen Schultz
Keith Lawyer
Jay Lee
*James Lugar
Rhon Luker
Marilyn Marshall Arnold
Carol Mathahs Costello
Paula McEldoon Juhl                

Sample Profile
In Memory
Always Refresh to see changes or additions by holding down ctrl and F5 on your keyboard.
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