Ward Arthur Kuecker

After HS he went to Mason City JC for a short time and then entered the Navy.  While in the Navy he worked on some of the first military computers.  When he was discharged he went to work for IBM in New York. He was in research and development, and held many US and British patents for his work, for some of the tech. products we use now.  He was married and has two sons. He was living in Austin, Texas when he passed away in 1984, he was 45.
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Words from his sister Nancy....
Ward grew up in Iowa, he was an Eagle Scout.  After a short time at Mason City Jr College, he enlisted in the Navy.  During that time he was able to work with some of the Navy's first shipboard computers.
He went to work for IBM in New York for several years, transfered to Austin, TX.  Ward worked in research and development, he held several U.S. and British patents for his work with computer development.  He truly loved his work.
He was survived by two sons Jeff and Fred, that he was raising.  Two sisters Joan Curico NJ,  and Nancy Pfeiffer WA.
Ward was 45 when he passed away in 1984.