Sterling Lien
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Pink and his Sister, Shirley

Name:  sterling arlo lien
Nickname:  pink
Martial Status:  divorced
Spouse:  friend: cheryl
Email Address:
Home Address:  715 pearl st, grinnell, iowa, 50112
Phone #:  641 236 5555
Cell Phone #:  
Fax #:

Your Life Since 1957:  after graduating from mcjc and 2 years in the navy i returned to clear lake in 1962 just in time for the 5 year reunion.  one of the first people i ran into was kotz and the next thing i knew we were in his car and on our way to drake.

i graduated in 1964, spent the next year teaching school.  i was in credit, banking,personnel, retail sales and appliance service bussiness before retiring from grinnell college building and grounds.

Your Life Now:  would you belive i drive a school bus. play a little golf and work around the house.
What classmates have you kept in contact with:  mostly the guys still at the lake and funte and kotz.
What classmates would you like to hear from:  anyone
Would/could you help find classmates:  i know where my sister is

Any hobbies:  
Favorite song of 1957 or earlier
:   i know an old lady she swallowed a fly.  i loved our music but i can't think of one that is my favorite.

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Music is
'I know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly'