Name: Stan Benner   
Nickname: Ollie or Bean
Martial Status: Married 46 years
Spouse: Betsy Roth Benner   
Email Address:
Home Address: 509 N. 4th St., St. Peter, MN. 56082
Phone #: 507-931-2443
Cell Phone # :507-380-2126  
Your Life Since 1957: Moved to St. Peter in 1960 to work at ADC Products which was eventually sold to Onan.  Worked there as a supervisor for 36 years, leaving to establish my own business, Benner's Cleaning Service.  I retired this year, 2006.  Betsy and I have two children and four grandchildren.  We were also foster parents to 6 children.  We travel all over the country following our grandchildren's  athletic events.  
Your Life Now:  Golfing, fishing, gardening and travel.
What classmates have you kept in contact with: Larry Andersen and Sherry
What classmates would you like to hear from: Any and all that would like to chat or email.
Would/could you help find classmates: Would if I could.
Any hobbies: See above; also woodworking.
Favorite song of 1957 or earlier: Most anything by Glenn Miller.   
Stan and Betsy 
Stan Benner
How's this for an action shot? 
Mama swallow is feeding her toddlers. 
Music is
'In The Mood'
A Glenn Miller arrangement