Pictures from August 29, 2008
Thanks go to Ron Law!
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1 September, 2008
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2 September, 2008
We met on August 29th at Butcher's Cafe (old Town Pump) for noon lunch.  It started out as a picnic but was moved from a park to the cafe.  I guess you would call it kind of an informal get-together.  Arlene Radcliffe invited us to her house after lunch.  This was organized by the reunion committee members, Jack MacDonald, Mick Minette, Arlene Radcliffe and Jane Coyier and possibly Charlie Ashland.  A number of class members discussed the possibility of getting together on a more frequent basis as opposed to the five year interval between class reunions as in the past.  I think Jack said there were about 20 classmates and spouses.  Nancy Noll was in town visiting her sister so we got to visit with her.  I shouldn't start trying to name everyone that attended because I will surely leave someone out.  Marilyn Schager's husband took a lot of photos as did some others so there are probably some better pictures out there.  Ron Law