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My life since 1957:  How does one sum up 50 years in a few paragraphs?  I've had a checkered career...Four different schools before finally getting my BA and MA at University of California, Berkeley.  In between quit and worked to earn enough to go back, several times.  Worked as exotic dancer in Hawaii, Australia, Philippines, California.  Married.  Divorced.   Married.  Grad school at University of Colorado, Boulder.  Taught at Colorado Women's College.  Divorced.  Dropped out.  Lived in isolated mountain aerie in Colorado--kept goats, chickens; had greenhouse, large garden.  Married and moved to Montana.  After a brief stint working in a plywood mill, began teaching at the University of Montana in Missoula and finished my Ph.D. (all my degrees and teaching were in Anthropology).  Divorced again, and wanted a radical change in my life, so I took off for Southeast Asia.  Ended up working 2 years for CARE in Thailand, doing refugee relief work on the Thai/Cambodian border with the starving refugees who stumbled over the border to escape the genocidal Pol Pot.
Returned to the USA and joined my brother in Las Vegas.  Taught part-time at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, and the local community college; also worked full-time for the state. 
Meanwhile I had taken and passed the Foreign Service exam, and in 1985 was offered a job with the State Department as a Foreign Service officer in our diplomatic service.  As a diplomat I was posted to our embassies in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Bamako, Mali (west Africa); Abidjan, Ivory Coast; Brazzaville, Congo.  I finished my Foreign Service career with 4 years in Washington, DC, took an early retirement in 1997, and returned to Montana.  I did some part-time work, then accepted the position of Executive Director of the Helena Symphony, in Helena, Montana.  After 3 years in Helena I returned to Missoula and retired permanently this time (I think).

My life now, and hobbies
I would describe my "hobby' as more of an all-consuming passion.  In 1997 I started playing oboe again, after giving it up when I finished high school.  I am now totally involved in playing music. Since moving back to Iowa I have found many musical opportunities.  I play in two symphony orchestras, a concert band, and a woodwind trio, as well as doing quite a bit of solo work.  I bought a house in Mason City, right on the edge of East Park.  Though I sometimes miss hiking in Montana, and miss the mountains, I love walking along the Winnebago River trail.  Iowa has a different kind of beauty.  It feels good to be home!

I haven't kept in contact with classmates and am interested in learning what's become of everyone.  As for a favorite song from the 1950's goes, I don't have one, but the music of Ray Charles and Elvis Presley made the most impression on my young mind.  These days I prefer Bach. 

Note:  Sally graduated from Ventura High School. 
PS... In September of '07 I moved to Mason City to be closer to family and friends
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