Ron Wood

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Ron with his 4H Project
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Ron, Russ and Richard

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Des Moines Girl Is Wed To Ronald Wood at Church
Clear Lake- Lila Gay Mintle, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Mintle, Des Moines, Sunday became the bride of Ronald Dale Wood, son of Mr and Mrs Wayne Wood, 713 N, 11th Street.
The ceremony was held Sunday afternoon at the First Methodist Church, Clear Lake, with the Rev. Charles F. Haigh, assistant pastor of the First Methodist Church, Mason City, officiating.
Attending the couple was the bride's sister, Donna Mintle, as the Maid of Honor, and the bride grooms brother, Russell Wood as best man.
A reception was held in the church dining room after which the couple left for a short wedding trip.
They will live in Ames where the bridegroom is a student of veterinary medicine at Iowa State University.  He was graduated from Clear Lake High School.
Mrs. Wood was graduated from high school at Des Moines and has been employed as an IBM operator.  She expects to be employed in Ames.

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Kelly Lynn (Ron and Lila's daughter)
at age 16  October 1976

Remembering Ron
(The words of family and friends)

Remembering Ron: (Words of Russ Wood).
Playing Country Music with Brother Dick and Ron is always a memory. Ron was the leader.  We had great times at talent contests and entertaining at small functions.  He was a great musician on his Les Paul guitar and with his singing talents.  Had his college and my military tour not interfered, we could have gone on to be Country Western stars, so people had said. Our work on the farm was never done, and Ron was a good worker. We farmed nearly 300 acres and ran tractors from sun rise to sun set daily. He never complained about the work or our hard life. Ron's tragic car wreck ruined it all.  I had a real tough time getting all of it out of my mind- he was and still is my best friend.

(Words of Richard Wood)
"Ron was born July 23, 1939 at Clear Lake, Iowa in our old farm house.  He died December 24, Christmas Eve, 1961 at Des Moines, Iowa.  Colleen Taylor sang a solo at the funeral and the pallbearers were Bill Kotz, Gary Loman, Dick Atkins, Kenneth Moore, Jim Jackson and Jim Friest.  He grew up on a farm on Highway 106 most of his early life.  He attended a one room, one teacher school on Bakers Corner outside of Clear Lake until high school.  He always excelled in his studies and was named valedictorian for his class.  He was also in the National Honor Society, Jr. Classical League, FFA, football, basketball, baseball, track, the "C" Club and a rock and roll band called the "Rockets"
    Ron went to college at Iowa State in Ames and was majoring in veterinary medicine.  He married Lila Mintle while at college and they had a daughter Kelly.  Kelly is married to Scott Schultz and they live in Creston, Iowa.  They have two children, Matthew and Nickolas.  Nick works on a cattle ranch in Iowa and has a love for animals as both Ron and Kelly.  Matthew has a love for racing stock cars and hopes to be up with the big boys of NACAR in a year or two.  Scott, Kelly and Nick help out as a pit crew for him and Scott is an auto mechanic.
    Ron loved to sing, play his guitar and entertain.  We did the Surf, proms, TV shows and talent shows as the "Rockets".  In earlier day he sang a lot of Hank Williams songs as the "Wood Brothers".  Russ played the steel guitar and I played bass.  Ron was a wonderful Brother.  I hope and pray that he touched your life.  God Bless you, Richard Wood"

(More by Dick Wood.. about his brother Ron.)
Ron was good at setting goals and worked until they were accomplished.  He was very determined.  In school he got  all A's but they came with many nights of late night studying.  Bill Kotz told me that when he got his front teeth knocked out playing football that he insisted in going back into the game.  Can you hear those Lion's roar?
Anyway, when we were children we belonged to the 4-H club.  One year when Ron was about 14 or 15 his project was to raise a baby beef calf.  Well, this particular year Ron's calf was real wild.  We had to break the calf so you could lead it with a halter; so you could show it at the County Fair.  I'll never forget the time I saw Ron sliding along the ground holding onto that halter strap as the calf drug him all over the cattle yard.  Needless to say when he finally let go, he was covered with all that stuff that you find in a cattle yard.  He and my Dad decided to tie the calf to the tractor and Ron would walk along like he was leading the calf.  Finally after many days of the tractor, Ron got to where he could lead the calf with no help.  Well, later that fall we went to the Fair in Mason City.  Ron lead his calf into the ring to be judged, everything was going great.  The judge walked around Ron's calf then he came up right behind the calf and reached up and put his hands on the calf's back.  With both legs the calf reared up and kicked the judge right in the stomach, then took off running leaving Ron behind.  We ran after him and it was like the running of the bulls in Spain.  People were running to get out of his way screaming and yelling.  Well, we finally got him cornered and got him back to the barn.  Ron showed him to the buyers and sold him to a packing plant later that week.  The judge gave him a red ribbon which wasn't too bad all things considered.

One of my favorite memories of Ron is fishing in the outlet that ran n.w. of his farm, and then going to his house to ride the calves.  I think I got picked off by the half barn door!  I also remember always referring to he and his brothers as the "R" boys.  I miss him as I do all of our lost classmates!
Larry(Andy) Andersen

Words from Ron's Mother

This is Mom Wood adding some praises for my dear son, Ron.  Ron was very active and always wanted to be perfect in everything he did.  He worked hard, spent hours studying and sang with his brother's.   That smile and voice always brought tears to Dad and I.  Raising four son's on the farm was a busy time for me and I had always wished I'd had more time to appreciate my boys.   It was rewarding though to see them growing up.  
Losing such a special son was dreadful.  Word's cannot explain it and you carry on the best you can.   I am so blessed to have three more sons living close by.  I can keep in touch with Ron's daughters family too.  I am blessed to have many grand children and great grandchildren.   Blessings to you!

The words of Bill Kotz
Although I have many memories of Ron, two are very special to me. One exemplifies his dedication to perfection in everything he attempted. The other is much more emotional because it brings to mind thoughts of "what could have been" had Ron not been taken from us so early and so tragically.

During the summer between one of our school years, Ron had a job as a laborer with the county in which he did whatever needed to be done. One evening after work Ron and I were just hanging out doing what young guys do when Ron said, "Do you want to take a ride and see something neat?" Of course I said, "Sure!"

We jumped in the car and drove to a road leading into Ventura Heights where asphalt repairs were being made on the road. Ron took me to a spot where the asphalt had to be laid around a bridge abutment. On the one side, workers had laid the asphalt with a machine. The asphalt was uneven and did not join the abutment. On the other side the asphalt was smooth and joined the abutment perfectly. It looked like a work of art done by Da Vinci. Of course, the good side was done by Ron! As he said, "I just kept tamping it down with my size 10 boots until it looked right!" I thought to myself, "This amazing guy IS amazing!" He took care and pride in everything that he did.

The other memory is one that always brings a tinge of sadness whenever it comes to my mind. For a short period of time Ron, Lila and their little baby Kelly lived in a small apartment in Clear Lake. I was in town and had a chance to visit them. It was the first time I had seen Kelly. As soon as I arrived, Ron went over and lifted this tiny little baby girl from her crib and handed her to me. Ron said, "Isn't she the most beautiful baby you have ever seen?" I had to agree with Ron. Kelly was beautitful and Ron was so proud, as was Lila.

Ron, Lila, and I visited, cuddled and cooed the baby and spoke of expected happy days ahead. Ron would have been such a good father. I'm sure Kelly would have been so proud of her handsome, talented and hard working dad.

Judging the from the stories I have heard-- and the pictures I have seen of Kelly and her family-- I know Ron would be as proud of Kelly, today, as he was of that sweet little baby girl so many years ago!

Sadly, the last time I saw Lila and Kelly was at Ron's funeral. However, they will be in my thoughts and prayers always.

Bill Kotz

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