Name:  RON LAW   
Martial Status:  MARRIED
Email Address:
Home Address:  2501 S. W. Ridgeway Ct., Ankeny,IA 50023
Phone #:  515 964 0014
Cell Phone #
Your Life Since 1957:  Worked for a couple of years after graduation and then went to MCJC for 4 years or so (it was a friendly place).  Got married in 1965 and moved to Ankeny.  Attended Drake for a brief period - a very brief period!   Started work at Allied Insurance in 1967.  Our 3 kids are now 40, 38 and 35 and have provided us with 4 grandkids with one more due this fall.
I retired from Allied in 2001.....I actually retired a few years earlier but didn't tell anyone.  I worked in the commercial loss control area and traveled eastern Iowa most of those years.  Margaret retired from the Ankeny School system about the same time where she was an Middle School teacher.
During my years at Allied, I decided to go back and get my bachelor's degree.  I did this with a combination of night school and weekend classes and finally finished at age 51.  Thought I should finish before the buzzards started circling.

Your Life Now:  We continue to live in Ankeny.  Two of our kids live near-by and one lives in Chicago.  Vacation travels have taken us to Hawaii, Ireland, Mexico a couple of times, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.  Golf is always a challenge ( Mac, Mick, Andy, Bill S. and Pink can vouch for that).  Fishing is also a favored pastime.  I also find my computer fascinating when I can get it to work.

What classmates have you kept in contact with: Jack Mac, Mick M, occasionally Andy A.  Also saw Bill S and Pink L with Chic M at the Chic Miller Open.
What classmates would you like to hear from: Anyone
Would/could you help find classmates:  If needed
Any hobbies:  Fishing, golf
Favorite song of 1957 or earlier:   Day by Day (4 Freshmen) 
(Ron's choice of music could not be found. 
Music playing temporarily is a jazz arrangement of 'Hello My Baby'.) 

Ron Law