Below-  September 2008.  A luncheon held for classmates.
L-R: Jerry O'Neill, Jane Coyier, Stan Benner, Sally Slocum, Karen Heinrich, Jack MacDonald,
Arleen Rodenbeck, Nancy Noll, Ron Law, Marilyn Madsen, Mick Minette
CLHS Class of 1957 Reunion Luncheon

These photos are from the class of '57 reunion luncheon in Clear Lake on Aug 29, 2008. Following lunch we enjoyed a delightful afternoon at Arleen/Cecil Radcliffe's home on the North Shore.  The first photo is of members of the class of '58 who joined us for lunch. They were celebrating their 50th reunion this weekend. Their festivities were later that day at PM Park.
A luncheon held by the class of '57  was also attended by these members of
the class of '58 who were in town celebrating their 50th class reunion.
L-R:  Jack Stunkard, Mark Melcher, Jackie Klinge, Marne Lowman, Susan Knutson,  Jerry Mahrenholz, Judy Nichols and Richard Eliasen.
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Thanks to Nancy Noll Elliott for these pictures.

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Sharon O'Neill, Arnie Schager, Mick Minette and Stan Benner
Jerry O'Neill
Sharon O'Neill
Arnie Schager
Jack MacDonald and Nancy Noll Elliott