Ed Buttleman sent in this picture of 'Times Gone By'. 
Do you recognize these names and faces? 
This is in 1946 at Buttleman's, getting the vegetable garden plowed.  I do not know who is holding the horse, John Burr is doing the plowing and we are not sure who the 'big' kids are.  In front I see Jim Hass, Ed Buttleman, Jon Gilmore, Marilyn Stout, Terry Breheny  (I wonder if the boy standing behind Terry might be one of Jim Friest's big brothers??)
Off to one side is Janice Van Dyke and Sondra Hummel, I believe.  She was famous for those sausage curls.  Jesse and Gladys Buttleman are also there.
This is at 901 7th Ave. N. and I guess the house is still standing and occupied.
(The words of Ed Buttleman)
Back Row:  Coach Mullin, Les Falk, Dave Roberts, Jack MacDonald, Tom Fankell, Mick Minetter, Gary Miller, Jerry Dowden, Dave Wistey
Front Row:  Tom Peterson, Tom McBee, Jack Stunkard, Dick Atkins, Bill Stoyles, Jim Friest, Dale Sargent, Jon Lee 
In the words of Don Funte..
"Look at the wide white wall tires and the tail fins."
"Senior Friends" in '57... "Senior" Friends in '07.
Arlo Lein, Don Funte and Bill Kotz
Music is
'Sentimental Journey' 
Remember When- Part 2

Clipping submitted by Dick Tarr

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