We will always have our memories,
of times gone by,
of friends from the past and renewed friendships in the present.
We will never walk alone
because those memories will be with us always.

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Front row- Judy Heifner, Karen Duregger, Delores Floy, David Traub, Bill Whelan, Mike Kellogg, Jerry Leonard
Middle row- Karen Heinrich, Gary Lowman, Bob Fischer, Duane Davis, Beth Nelson, Jane Coyier, John Gilmore, Denise Patton, Jane Brownstone, Linda Bryan, Roberta Ulrich.
Back row- Jerry O'Neill, Chuck Elsbury, Mary Jo Christensen, Suzanne Lysne, Jackie Bowers, Mick Minette, Richard Enabnit, Gates Gardner, Gary Anderson, David Roberts, Tom Fankell, not identified, Dick Atkins and Mrs. Monnaghen.

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15th Reunion (1972)
Front row- Bill Whelan, Gary Lowman, Charles Ashland, Beth Nelson Crandell, Jane Brownstone Kitzi, Arlene Rodenbeck Radcliffe, Stan Benner, Gary Anderson and Ron Law.
Back- Chuck Elsbury, Edwin Gudgel, Matt Bell, Bill Stoyles, Bob Guthrie, Wayne Zook, Jack McDonald, Jim Friest and Ralph Winkle.

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This picture was taken in 1950 at Charles Ashland's house.  This was a project for Cub Scouts and his mother was the Den Mother.  
The kids, in case you don't recognize them, are Jut Hughes, Joe Roseland, George Newman and Charles Ashland.  (George moved away in 3rd or 4th grade after his dad died.)

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This picture was taken in Buttleman's backyard in 1947 or 48.  
Pictured are Jon Gilmore
(his dad was principal of the school and they moved in 1950 or 51 to Whitefish Bay, Wisc.)
Butch and Terry Breheny, Ed Buttleman and Nancy Sherman.

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Thanks to Jack MacDonald for this article.

Thanks go to Ron Law for this picture.
'The Three Musketeers'
Ron Law, Jerry Van Loan and Mick Minette
(Year- 1957?)
Ahhh- the good ole days.

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Submitted by Ron Law.
Operetta at Lincoln Elementary

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