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Left to right- Dick Wood, Ron Wood, Darwin Lyons, Gates Gardner,
Ralph Winkle, Dave Traub and Dick Atkins.

As quoted from the 1957 Annual....
"Often after school this year if someone stopped in the halls and listened he would hear the beat and the rhythm of rock'n roll music.  If he sought the source of the music he would soon reach the door of the auditorium.  Upon opening the door he would behold the newest addition to the Clear Lake High School Music Department, "The Rockets".

This group consists of Darwin Lyons, saxophone and manager, Dick Atkins and Ron Wood, guitar and vocalists; Dick Wood, bass guitar; Dave Traub, piano; Ralph Winkle, bass fiddle; and Gates Gardner, drums.  These boys got together last summer just to play together; soon the get-togethers became regular practice sessions; and finally they began to play publicly.  Their style of music has progressed from strict rock'n'roll to calypso and progressive jazz.  At first their appearances were limited to brief dance intermissions or television appearances of which they made many; however, this spring they have played for complete dances and several high school proms."

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Front row= J. Kling, J. Wilcox, K. Folkman, B. Noland, S. Knutson, M. Lowman, M. Holmes.
Second row= A. Nyhus, T. Gilles, E. Sorlie, A. Ashland, D. Traub, C. Taylor, C. Reisdorf,
Third row= D. Sargent, N. Noll, G. Zielie, D. Hughes, R. Franks
(Members not pictures are)
D. Atkins, D. Lyons, G. Gardner and M. Pearson

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I hope you can read the names here.
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