In Memory
of our Classmates who have gone before us. 

Robert Dean Bonner

Chuck Elsbury

Terrence John Breheny

Linda Kae Bryan 

Michael Kent Davis 

Michael Thomas Kellogg

Ward Arthur Kuecker 

Gary Wayne Martin 

Irvin Jay McIlrath 

Marilyn Kay Lindstrom Curry 

David Earl Traub- June 26,1999

Gerald Joseph Van Loan

Ralph Alan Winkle 

Ronald Dale Wood 

Wayne Harold Zook 

Keith Zirbel

Gates Gardner

(If underlined, click the name for information about their lives and family.)
There is so much more to a person than what they have done employment wise or career wise... there is relationship to family, friends and that is why we have the tributes from other class members.. the remembrances.  These pages will never be complete, never be finished, never be 'old hat'.  What one person says about another triggers a thought that we might have buried in our subconscious.  Memories are wonderful to share with friends.  If you would like to share your memories of a special classmate, please feel free to send them to the webmaster to be posted.