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Mavis Ann Fisher Isaak
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Name- Mavis Ann Isaak
Marital Status- Married
Husband's Name- James Isaak
Home Address- 1605 NW 75th Street
                       Vancouver, WA 98665-7120
Home Phone- 360-695-7294

Life since 1957-
Leaving University of Iowa with an education degree, I taught school in Northwood, Iowa where I helped Matt Bell get married.  Then I moved on to Denver and Colorado Springs.  Of course I had the desire for adventure so I went to Herbornseelbach, Germany to teach.  I had a great experience traveling, shopping but not doing a lot of teaching.  Then I taught in Clear Lake for a year waiting for my household goods and a VW Beetle to arrive from Germany.

I married Jim that year and we were off to L.A.  I taught in the inner city.  Was I glad when Jim had his physical therapy degree in-hand so we could wave goodbye to Los Angles and never look back.  We moved to Vancouver, Washington and settled down, adopted two great kids, Jeff and Molly.  Everything was normal for a while until Mt. St. Helens erupted; it was a great view from our backyard and to this day still puts on the occasional show for us.

I continued to teach until I reached fourty-four years or one thousand three hundred and twenty kids, then I retired.  I love retirement except weekends no longer have the same meaning to me.  Now I spend most of my time reading, playing bridge, lunching with friends and spending a lot of time volunteering for the church.  We have a four-year-old granddaughter who is the love of our life and who consumes a lot of our time.

Classmates I have kept in touch with... Kitzi, Dixie, Mary Jo, Nancy, Pat, Mick Bob G and Matt at Christmas time.

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Music is
'We've Only Just Begun'

Last Updated 8/20/2006