Nickname- None
Marital Status- Married
Spouse's name- Donovan (Don) Running
Email- (daughter's)
Home Address- 5386 W. 134th St., Savage, M.N. 55378
Phone- 952-890-3894

Your life since 1957- Married in 1962.  Worked as a cashier at Shop-N-Save until spring of 1966.   Moved to Minneapolis area where Don had accepted a job at General Mills.  Had a baby girl in December of 1966.  (Darcy Jean).
Worked 13 years at a small manufacturing company.  Then I worked 4 months short of 25 years at a small packaging company and then retired from there in April of 2005.  Don retired in 2000.
Our daughter married and had two sons, Dillon Donovan born in 1996 and Dalton David born in 1997.  She has since divorced and is raising her boys as a single mother.  She works odd hours at the VA Hospital in Minneapolis.  That's where we as retired grandparents come in.

Your life now- We take care of the boys at least 2 days a week during summer vacation and when they have breaks during the school year.  We have a lake home in Northern Wisconsin and spend a lot of time there with the boys (and Darcy when she isn't working.)

Would/could you help find classmates?  I don't think I would be much help but I guess I could try.

What classmates have you kept in contact with?  Jane Coyier and Karen (Duregger) Nichols.

What classmates would you like to hear from?  Any of them, although I am not much of a letter writer.

Any hobbies?  Not really.  I have done some knitting... I do some reading... and work crossword puzzles.

Favorite song of 1957 or earlier?  'Only You', 'Misty' and 'Mack the Knife'. 
Mary Walls Running

Running, Mary L. age 69, of Savage. Preceded in death by parents. Survived by husband of 47 years, Donovan; daughter, Darcy States; 2 grandsons, Dillon and Dalton; 3 sisters, Marge Toft, Pat (Andy) Olson and Barb Fleeman; nieces, nephews, and friends.
Music is
'Only You' 
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Message from Jack MacDonald:   20 April, 2008
Mary was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center, 701 Park Ave, Mpls, MN, 55415 by hospital and had emergency surgery for an aneurysmn of the brain. The surgery was successful, but, she has a lengthy recovery ahead of her. She knows family, but, it will take awhile for her to regain strength and memory. I'm sure the family would convey any well wishes to Mary. Jack MacDonald  will look into sending a card from the class. 
Funeral service Thursday, 10 AM, St. James Lutheran Church, 3650 Williams Dr., Burnsville, with her visitation Wednesday 6-8 PM at the Church. Interment Pleasant View. Memorials to the Church. Henry W. Anderson 952-432-2331
This is her existing profile... the story of her life.
If you would like to share your memories of times spent with Mary or any pictures you may have of her or of those times, please click here to be posted ASAP.  My sympathy to her family and friends.  (Refresh the page to see any new tributes.)
On Line Obituary Minneapolis Star Tribune
Mary Lou lived across the street from me when we were kids. She was the first girl to join our all boys club when she swung from a branch of our large oak tree, from the loft of our barn to the roof of the chicken coop. We would have been in 6th or 7th grade.  Jim Friest  CLHS 1957  28 July, 2009

Mary was a girl that the boys liked, even at a young age!  Young boys aren't supposed to like girls, but we liked Mary!  Maybe this event will explain why:  J.C. (Jim) Friest had an old barn behind his house.  It had both a higher and lower roof.  We liked the lower.  Mary lived across the street from Friest's and would play with him and the other neighborhood boys, including me.  We had tied a rope to an over-hanging branch on the oak tree that stood next to the barn.  One could get a "running" start, grab the rope and pretend you were Tarzan.  We told Mary she could be our Jane, but first she had to swing on the rope. Knowing that she could do anything a boy could do, she ran off the roof, grabbed the rope, and became our "Jane."  From that day on Mary was just one of the boys, until the day we noticed that she was really just one of the girls! 
Andy Andersen CLHS 1957   2 August, 2009