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Mary Johnson Seible
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Name- Mary Johnson Seible

Marital Status- Married

Spouse's Name- Delbert Seible

Email Address-

Home Address- 2286 Pauly Court, Green Bay, Wi 54311

Phone #- 920-465-3477

Cell Phone #- None

Fax- None

Your Life Since 1957-  I attended Mason City Junior College.  I then taught 5th grade in Rockford, Iowa for two years.  I married in 1961.  In all, we had three children, two girls and a boy.  We left Rockford in 1965 and moved to Albert Lea, Minnesota.  I stayed home with the kids until John was in school full time, then I worked part time at Church Offset Printing.  In 1976 we moved to Sheridan, Wyoming.  We spent a lot of time in the Big Horn Mountains.  We played in the mountain streams and had picnics up there.  We moved in June so I stayed home with the kids for the summer.  That fall I got bored so I made an application to work in the bank that we banked at.  I started working there the next day and have been in banking since.  Del went into business for himself and started Western Appliance Repair Service in 1979.  When Gillette, Wyoming started to boom we decided to move the business to Gillette.  There are many coal mines and gas plants there, so in 1980 we moved the business to Gillette and I started working at the Gillette branch of First Interstate Bank because it was part of our Sheridan bank.  In 1998 all the kids were out on their own and we decided to move to Green Bay, Wi.  Del loves to fish and lake Michigan has lots of big Salmon to catch.  Also, Misty and her husband live in Rosemont, Minnesota and john lives in Cincinnati, Ohio and works at the airport there.  Our middle girl, Penny, teaches school in Seattle, Washington.  We have visited her many times there and love Seattle.

Your Life Now-  We really like Green Bay.  I now work at Associated Bank at the Green Bay East Branch.  I really enjoy working with customers and the people I work with.  I am glad I only have to drive about a mile to work.  Del is semi-retired and spends his summers fishing.  In the fall he drives truck for a company here part time.  If I am available, I like to go with him because he goes all over.  I love seeing places I haven't been to yet.  he goes through Chicago most all trips and I think that is a neat city to visit but I would not want to live there.

Any Hobbies?  I like to walk every day on my treadmill.  When I can I like to go Salmon fishing with Del.  I have also become a big Packer fan.  We love to watch the games on TV.  The first thing I grab in the morning is the sports page.  Win or lose, we love them.  I even know what is happening on the field now.

Favorite Song of 1957 or earlier?  Any Elvis Presley song.

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