Home Address- 1907 3rd Avenue SW, Austin, MN 55912-1520
Phone- 507-437-6298
Your Life Since 1957- (See bio)
Nicknames- Andy and Brown (that is what Chick Miller calls me.)

Classmates I have kept in contact with- Jack MacDonald, Mic Minette, Chic, HyHy Lowman, J.C. Friest, Bullet Stoyles, Pinky Lein, Fuzz Law, Charlie Ashland.

Which classmates would I like to hear from?  All of them!

Any hobbies?  Sherry, Hawks, golf, antiques, Clear Lake and Austin memorabilia.

Favorite 1957 song- 'Moments to Remember'

I was born in 1938 in Algona, Iowa.  (No, scratch that, too far back.)

After high school, I spent a year at Luther with some other Lakers and then transferred to MCJC where I was with more Lakers- maybe that was a mistake (especially that memorable night in rural Charles City).

My Junior and Senior years were at the University of Iowa again with some Lakers.  In 1961 I married Sherry Oleson of Mason City.  (The best move I ever made.)

I began teaching in Garden Grove, Iowa and one year was enough of that- Garden Grove, not teaching.  We came home to Clear Lake and I earned enough money to start grad school at SCI (UNI).  in 1964 I taught and coached in Guthrie Center, Iowa.  Two years later we moved to Perry, Iowa where I again taught and coached for two years.  In 1967 we moved to Austin, Minnesota where I taught both high school, college and coached until 1998 when I retired.

Since retirement I do volunteer work for our church and the hospital.  I also was the country coordinator for their mentoring program.  In 2000 the voters wanted to get me off the streets so they elected me to the school board.  Sherry and I have three sons and can you believe six granddaughters!

Hey, the best is yet to come.

PS.  Go Hawks! 
Larry W. Andersen
¬ Larry and Sherry
Name-  Larry W. Andersen

Nickname- Andy (Brown)
Spouse- Sherry
Email Address- Lwandersen@hotmail.com
Music is
'Moments to Remember' 
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