Name- Kaye L. Barlow
Nickname- Tex
Marital Status- Married
Spouse's Name- Constance M. Hanna  (CLHS 1959)
Email Address-
Home Address- 6217 S. Los Feliz Dr.
                       Tempe, Az  85283-3219
Phone- (480) 820-9308
Cell phone- (480) 241-8066

I joined the US Air Force in August 1957 and served eight years active.  I was married September 9, 1958, spent the next seven years moving from base to base.  I had tours overseas in Korea and Turkey.  I was discharged from the Air Force in August 1965.  I went to work for the Southen Pacific Railroad.  I worked there six months before I was hired on at the U.S. Post Office.  I worked there until 1968 when my wife and five children returned to Iowa so I could attend the University of Northen Iowa.  I started out to be a teacher however after my experience with student teaching, I decided that was not going to be my career, so I went an extra year and obtained my B.A. Degree in Business Management.
After graduation my family and I returned to Arizona and that is where we are today.  I went back to work for the U.S. Postal Service and was promoted to management where I retired in 1992 after a total of 30 years of working for the federal government.  I also enlisted in the Arizona Air National Guard and spent 19 years with them.  I retired from the U.S. Air Force in 1994 after a total of 27 years.
I am currently employed with Earnhardt Dodge in Gilbert, AZ and I have been with them for twelve years and hope to work for them for a few more.
I play golf as often as possible, about once a week.  My family and I spend time every year at either Disneyland or Disney World with side trips to Las Vegas & Laughlin, Nevada.
My oldest daughter lives with my wife and I, keeping us in line.  My youngest daughter lives here in Arizona with her husband and two children.  Our oldest son is in Kuwait and his family will be joining him very soon.  Our middle son lives here in Arizona with his daughter and our youngest son lives here in Arizona with his wife and two children.


WHAT CLASS MATES WOULD YOU LIKE TO HEAR FROM:  Whomever wants to correspond.

ANY HOBBIES:  Golfing, taking pictures, traveling and riding roller coasters.

FAVORITE SONG OF 1957:  Class of 57 by the Statler Brothers.
Kaye Barlow 
Last Updated
5 May, 2009
Connie and I are celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary the 9th of September 2008. We were one of the two that got married Connie's senior year (1959), the other was Helen Webber Harlan.  Helen and Connie both had to walk as the last two of their class as the principal said they had to.  We won't be going to the CLHS 1959 reunion as we are going to Alaska for a week of land tour and a weeks cruise.  We have had 50 real good years and have 5 children and 12 grandkids and 3 great grandkids  GREAT!

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They have been there since August 2005.
Interesting pictures and information. 
Kaye had his right knee replaced in January and did very well so now he had the left knee replaced on the 20th of April and is doing well with a therapist once a day here at home and several exercises he does daily himself.  He says he feels much better as his knees were really giving  him problems as it was bone on bone.  Now once he is healed nicely I will go in and have my shoulders checked as I have arthritis in both of them and can not reach or lift much or very high.  Sure hope the doctor can help in 2007  I had the left knee scraped of calcium and a medicupis repaired in the back of that knee then my daughter and I were in a roll over accident on the way home from the doctors two days later so now am using a walker and getting around fairly well.