Name:  Judith Ann Heifner
Nickname:   Judy.  Student nicknames will not be repeated.  Now: Jud
Marital Status: never married
E-mail address:
Home Address: 901 W. DuPont Avenue, Morris, Illinois 60450-1219
Phone number: 815.942.6756
Cell: none
Fax: none
Life since 1957-as to work and college:
Upon graduation from CLHS I immediately began working at the Clear Lake Bank and Trust Company as a bookkeeper.  Five years later, in 1961-62,  I began my college career at MCJC.(now NIACC).   I attended there one year before transferring to Mankato State College in Mankato, Minnesota (now Minnesota State University-Mankato) where I graduated with my BS degree in PE/Health Education the summer of 1966.

My first teaching position was in Winthrop, Mn. where I taught  Girl’s PE 7-10 and 8th grade Health Ed. plus I supervised/set up the elementary PE program.(I actually ended up teaching that after dragging my heels many weeks) and was also in charge of cheerleaders.  After one year there I took  a position at Morris Community High School in Morris, Illinois.  (At the time I did not realize that Don Funte was at the same school). I taught 9/10 Girls PE for seven years before taking over the Health Education program for 9th graders.  I felt I was not a very good classroom teacher but in 1980 I had a life changing experience when I came to know Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour.  Even though I still did not like teaching in the classroom I used my time to teach Health Education from a biblical perspective and I have always felt my many students knew what I was teaching them lined up with biblical truth and for that I was thankful even though I still would rather have been teaching PE.  I earned my Master of Education degree from University of Illinois in 1977.   I had many other duties within the school but of all my extra curricular duties I enjoyed coaching the most.  Tennis, Bowling, Track & Field, Softball, Badminton, Volleyball.  Some of these seasons overlapped so it was an interesting challenge to say the least.  This was back in the days when girl’s sports in Illinois were just “graduating” from GAA type programs to interscholastic.  It seemed like I was almost paying the school to coach for them J!!

Life in general since 1957—I raised two dogs(both males poodle/terrier mix) and the dog I currently have was given to me in this fashion from a friend who was terminally ill with cancer.  She said to me one day “if you were the one who was sick I would take your dog” so what could I say?  Mandy Sue, mixed breed terrier/poodle, came to live with me on March 21st of 2005 at 11+ yrs. old.  She immediately became my new “excuse” for talking to myself!!

I have been involved in many activities of my church where I am a deaconess and was also ordained in December of 2004.  I have been heavily involved in pro-life ministry since 1980.  I also have a ministry to the women who are incarcerated in Grundy County Jail.  I go into IDOC facilities, as well, when women from county get sentenced to more time.  More recently I have become involved in ministering to the native Americans on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in southwestern South Dakota.  I have made 8 trips out there since June of 2005.  Will, in fact, be coming to the reunion right after my ninth trip to the REZ.  We have worked hard out there but I have received so much insight into the plight of the native Americans and realize our history books do not exactly teach facts when it comes to the native Americans.

I purchased my folks apartment building, the old McGowan house on Main Avenue, a few years before my parents died and  ran it with managers for 12 years.  When I hired the second manager it was all down hill so I sold the place to Bob Friest in the summer of 2004.  The old place was torn down and then sold by Bob to another buyer.  As I drive by the lot it makes me a little sad----to see the home place gone and partly so because the first place I lived in on South 3rd Street when our family first moved into town—has also been torn down.  Since selling the apt. I have not made many trips to CL and I truly do miss not getting there very often.  Sell me a house on the lake(that I could afford) and I would move back in an instant----------well maybe.

I took advantage of early retirement in 1993 and since that time I wonder how I ever had time to teach.  I hear that comment often so guess it is great we have things to do rather than just sitting around  getting “old.”  We will still get old(er)  BUT we can have fun doing it!!  We need to be thankful we can still move and have our being!! 

I look back on my grade school, jr. high, and high school days knowing that many of you really tried to be friends of mine and I was so shy that as I look  back now  I realize that many of you probably thought I was a real snob.  I never intended to come across that way and hey—thanks to all of you who really tried to be my friend(s).  I have really enjoyed the reunions that I have been able to attend and it has been great getting to know some of you better now in our adult lives.

Classmates kept in contact with:  .  Jack MacDonald more than any others, through e-mail mostly.  Don and Elsie Funte since we all live here in Morris and for a short while attended the same church.   Once in awhile Jim Friest---if he happened to be in CL at his brother Bob’s on the 4th of July!!  Only at reunions!!

Classmates would like to hear from:  Any of them who are interested in chatting

Finding classmates:  If I can help in some way –yes.
Hobbies:  Golfing, fishing, reading, biking,  games on the computer,
Favorite Song:  To quote a college instructor of mine “if you would spend more time listening to music rather than playing basketball you would be able to pick a beat up from the music”  She then placed my hand on the back of the speaker so I could feel it vibrate.  Or there is the time I tried to call my square dance in my methods class and another instructor was standing in the back corner of the gym clapping her hands and stomping her foot to the beat--------or our rhythm band  at Lincoln—I think I got to beat sticks on the floor---well not being too interested in music at that time in my life the first song that came to mind from that era was White Sport Coat and a Pink Carnation.  But I always thought The Class of 57 Had Their Dream was an interesting song written just for US-----and I found out that it already is on our website!!  Great job Julie.

(Thanks go to Jack MacDonald for requesting that song for the site! Julie Hayden Traub) 
This picture is an older one of me driving the tractor for The Christian Action Council in
Morris' annual Corn Festival Parade.
Judith Heifner
Judy at her Nephew's home
in  New Berlin, Wisconsin.
Taken Thanksgiving 2007. 
Music is an instrumental version of
'The Class of 57' 
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