Name- Jerry O'Neill
Marital Status- Married
Spouse's Name- Sharon
Email address-
Home Address- 2507 South Lakeview Ct  Clear Lake, Iowa 50428
Phone- 641-357-3731
Cell-   641-529-0552
Fax-   641-357-8800

Life Since 1957:  After 1957 I spent 2 years of Active Duty in the Navy and 4 years in the Naval Reserve. 
I attended and graduated from Mason City Jr. College, one year at the University of Iowa and then graduated from Buena Vista University in 1964 with a BA in English.

Went to work for the Mason City Globe Gazette and later was in marketing until 1984.

Started my own company that year, to the present.  I design water safety ideas for the US. Coast Guard, The State Department of Natural Resources and Boating Safety.

My bride Sharon and I have been blessed with 4 wonderful children who consist of one set of twins (Tim and Tom), Pat and one daughter, Mary.  The kids are happily married and have given us ten grandchildren!

I have kept in touch with Minette, Stoyles, MacDonald, Lowman, Lepley and Anderson.  Would love to hear from everyone in our class.

I really have no favorites.  My hobbies include hiking, sailing and music.

Music for now is
'Dry Bones'
Memories of Choir with Mr. Engen 
Jerry O'Neill
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